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Navi is our little bookworm. We can read for hours and admire the pictures and she even tries turning the pages. I have not read much since jr. high and so it's fun to see her love of books grow as she's getting smarter and understanding more. There are days in the week when seriously I don't feel like getting ready or doing much so sweats it is, and toys and books are the focus in our house.

Navi's hair is the silliest right now, it's spikey and fluffy on top and thick at the base of her neck and then she's got a balding spot ;) because she's always rubbing it against the ground when she scoots in circles. She recently rolled from her back to her tummy and she's trying to get away with doing it more and more - it's fun to have her progress but I will miss my sweet little newborn ;) 

'xoxo' tee 

I own 3 cara loren shop tees .. and let me just say. can she just make all the t shirts from now until forever?! ;) they're so comfy and the perfect oversized fit. I wear them ALL the time and really want every single one she releases! they're so great :) and I couldn't help get the 'xoxo' one ;) because my family gets a lot of those hugs and kisses!! 

I fell in love with the toy brand Bata and Batuta and their mission. For each animal sold they donate one to a child. I instantly fell in love with the 'winged horse' but I would love to get the elephant and bear too! They're seriously so soft and adorable - I'm obsessed that they don't have eyes ;) lol 

The pillow in the background has been featured many times and is a darling piece in Navi's room. The balls are hellomaypole and you can find the DIY instructions here for that pillow.

I mean c'mon ;) could you die?! that cute expression and those little toes got me like! (ALL THE HEART EYES!)

thanks for taking a peek into our day at home :) 

what book recommendations do you have for a little one? :) she's obsessed with the 'touchy feely' ones from Usborne, are there any titles similar?? 

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