.winter shoot.

beautiful winter photo shoot. 
sounds pretty dreamy right?? well I didn't quite know how we'd pull it off, and it did turn out different than I had originally envisioned - but I think it's better ;) I love how this team came together and created this magic. 

photographer .. Deston Anderson

flower crowns c/o .. brush fire floral

shoes c/o .. lucy avenue boutique

jewelry c/o .. truly kustom 

models .. Shelby, Jensyn & Heather 

the @brushfirefloral crowns had the most glorious details, they're so unique and perfect in their own way. I love that they're faux flowers but look SO real. you'll have to take a peek at each image and admire all the work that went in to each one :) I'm definitely obsessed! 

@lucyaveboutique was so sweet to let us pick a pair of shoes for the shoot - and funny enough Heather and I chose the rose gold ones ;) and Shelby picked out the prettiest olive lace ups! you know I love a good statement shoe - and I definitely love that pop of color or sass that comes from a unique piece :) lucyave.com also has clothes, so if you're in the market for a new boutique to hit up, might I suggest them ;) I love this hat, these leggings, and this dress

truly kustom did the jewelry for the shoot and I adore the looks they put together for all of us, I'll admit if you've been following my 'insta stories' the past few days, I haven't taken my necklaces off since tuesday ;) they're my new go-to everyday layering necklaces. I love how dainty the jewelry is - making it seriously perfect for ANY occasion. to shop their line go here :) 

one thing I'm grateful for is my new friends. Heather and Shelby have quickly become some of the most supportive and encouraging women I've met in a while. I'm so happy we've become friends through blogging. not only do we have a love of fashion in common, but we're all genuine people. that's what I love most, is really getting to know someone - it's easy to see so called 'fabulous' images of people on a screen and forget about their feelings or the fact that they go through struggles and have day to day tasks like the rest of us. I had a blast doing this shoot! and while getting dressed up and taking pictures sure sounds like a party ;) ahem, who am I kidding!? it totally is. so go at it. get all fancied up and get some pictures done! :) :) :) and hit up Deston because he is so talented! he did a great job and I can't wait to see the work that he'll do - because he has an eye for this and WILL do amazing things with photography! 

I just love you guys. thanks for all of your support. sorry my posting schedule has been so crazy lately, I have like 5 outfits ready to go, I just don't have time to type my posts and edit my pictures these days ;) yikes! so here I am at almost 1:30 am finishing this one!! this is what happens when your baby girl isn't a baby anymore and her naps aren't as long, I have to think, do I want to eat and shower orrrrrr do a blogpost? and when I have a part time job to go to - the eating and showering usually wins ;) so thank you for sticking around. I promise some cool things are coming! like a giveaway in the next few days ;) yay!

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.chic sweater party.

the truth is ... I don't have any fancy clothes, I don't go to parties, or get dressed up very much - maybe that'll be a new years resolution! so for now, I'm just going to wear pretty sweaters and pretty skirts and call it a day ;) I love the mix of casual and dressy. a major trend right now IS exactly this (well this vibe) of oversized, tucked in, midi and maxi skirts with big blouses and coats. instantly I'm reminded of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - in their huge coats and outfits that look like they're being swallowed - that's kind of the look we're going for, just a tad more polished ;) I added a kitten heel to keep this look appropriate for day or night and the chain necklace gives some edge to an otherwise really feminine outfit. windblown is my hair style as of late - I don't mind it ;) :) the slightly messy, un done hair also keeps this outfit from being too glam, it's like 'i just rolled out of bed' meets boho chic ;) haha 

what do you think of a slightly messy / casual vibe being worked in as a chic party look? would you try it??? 

sweater thrifted c/o Uptown Cheapskate // tulle skirt, Jen and Syd Shop Stevie (now on sale!) // Sam Edelman heels, old // chain necklace, old // Target sunglasses, old 

thank you all for reading :) 

this week has been a busy one and it's only Wednesday! I'm hoping time will slow down and I can enjoy this holiday season ;) not that I haven't enjoyed working and being busy, but it will be so nice to have Nash home the next few weeks before his next semester of college starts up again. what are you looking forward to in the next month??? 

I've linked below a few different shoes that I think are simply fabulous! and can you believe the dupes?? you can get the cutest shoes at TARGET! but I'm not surprised ;) last minute shopping, here I come! 

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.easy swing high - low dress.

how to style a cute tee shirt dress in winter? - add tights! 

I adore the shape of this dress and just love the color too, but it's gotten chilly real quick around here, and most Sundays our church building isn't that warm, so I knew I had to style this dress warmer for the season ;) fleece lined tights are my answer! transform your summer dress into a chic winter ensemble with ankle booties, a fun scarf and cozy tights. what I'm really excited about though, is how seasonless this dress is, I can see it styled all year long! be sure you're following along @lularoesamthomas for all the deals, when sales are happening, and the Facebook page for purchasing your very own Lularoe! 

dress Lularoe c/o // tights, old fleece lined // H&M booties, found in store // Burberry scarf, 2 years ago // Target sunglasses, found in store 

thank you for reading :) I hope you're having a great weekend ;) it's not too often I do a post on Saturday but this week got a bit hectic and so it was due time that I shared another outfit with you all! we're down to 2 weeks until Christmas Day!! :) we're hoping to check out the lights at Temple Square tonight and of course get hot chocolate, what're your favorite holiday traditions??? 

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.applying lipsense.

I'm super excited sharing my video for HOW TO APPLY LIPSENSE :) LipSense has become one of my greatest obsessions, and rightly so, as it is now my makeup brand of choice :) I use it for the foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick. I am a LipSense distributor and if you would like to see more of the products be sure to follow along on my Facebook page here and my Instagram page here :) 

enjoy! if you have any questions let me know in the comments :) 

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.floral fix.

something about wearing a bright floral dress in the winter makes me feel a bit like a rebel ;) in the best way! there are NO fashion rules anymore, wear what you want, when you want to! neon heels, you betcha ;) I don't wear these Kate Spade pumps as much as I wish I would, so when I got this stunning fitted dress from Wight Gold - I got REALLY excited! 

no 'extra' accessories, no layers were needed. this look speaks on it's own. I LOVE when an outfit is bold enough that you really don't need a lot of 'extra' things going on. a classic watch is more my speed and this black and rose gold style by Daniel Wellington is my new favorite! use code "JENSYN" for 15% off your purchase on a watch for yourself, or there are plenty to choose from for friends, your spouse or your kids ;) my husband has even mentioned how he'd like a new watch for Christmas ... I guess that's my cue ;) 

I hope you're having a great start to your week! 

we've been busy with work, and where I was sick ALL last week, I FINALLY have my voice back! hooray!!! we're only 1 week in to December, and already I have 2 holiday parties over with, so I'm all about staying in, getting some wrapping done and soaking up my time with my sweet baby, puppy and my hubs :) I have missed them. the holiday season is always super busy at work so I cherish the days I'm home with them :) what're some fun family things to do that are great for toddlers too??? she's a busy bee and we're looking for ideas in utah :) send your traditions / thoughts my way please!! 

thanks for stopping by!

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