.stocking stuffer ideas with Sole Serum.

stocking stuffer ideas featuring Sole Serum

Sole Serum 'targets your daily foot pain and provides instant relief' .. this quote taken from their site and I know this to be true! I have been using Sole Serum for a few weeks now and whether I'm wearing flats, boots or heels, ANY pain I get I combat with my Sole Serum and my pain is soothed instantly! I am on my feet my entire work day, and even on my days off, I know I'm up and moving so Sole Serum is a perfect and simple solution for me. I was a bit skeptical ;) but trust me! 
You can feel a difference. 

Today I'm sharing a gift guide featuring fun stocking stuffer ideas for the main ladies in our lives :) moms, best friends, sisters, grandmas (anyone who wears shoes ;) or likes festive and practical beauty products will love this list! 

Kate Spade heels (more colors linked below) // Sole Serum 

Victoria's Secret 'Winter Bombshell' fragrance 
(found in store)

Victoria's Secret body care
scent : Coconut Milk

Sole Serum is the perfect stocking stuffer, as well as the perfect clutch or purse companion. It's easy to use and like I mentioned earlier Sole Serum provides instant relief. So dare to wear those heels more often ;) and you won't have to suffer! 

Since I had my baby girl 3 months ago (and who am I kidding ;) basically my whole pregnancy) I strayed away from heels partially because of balance! but also because I knew I wanted to be comfortable and let's be honest ... not all cute shoes are the comfiest ;) I really am out of practice prancing around in my best and highest heels, so I'm grateful Sole Serum came to my rescue. Sole Serum is great for even flats and boots! take away those pinchy pains and sore heels with a quick pump of this incredible serum. 

What I love to gift (and get) in stockings are beauty products and small accessories like jewelry or watches (love this Fossil one!) Here's one of my favorite festive red lipstick shades 'Cruella' by Nars and a couple Essie polishes (linked below post) that take the cake as my go-to shades for holiday parties! 

Sole Serum is offering a discount all through December! try Sole Serum out and be sure to pick up one for yourself as you're shopping to check everyone off your list ;) 

I hope you're having fun this Holiday season :) head to those holiday parties with ease
 (and the fact you've got Sole Serum as your best kept secret, all other ladies will envy how you can hang out in your heels all. night. long. ;) 

Sole Serum is a secret worth sharing! 

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