.icicle drips.

Roxy cardigan via Bohme // Flying Monkey denim via Bohme // booties, old // Anthropologie blouse 

I was totally being dripped on by some icicles in these pictures! it's hard to tell but it's SO windy, and it was an icy, chilly wind. my nose was starting to turn purple from the freeze we had Thanksgiving afternoon. this is the oufit I wore to Thanksgiving dinner, this year my parent's hosted. and boy was it GOOD! ;) I then worked that evening because ya know, black friday starts thursday and now cyber monday starts sunday ... so I don't know how I feel about that?! maybe if the weekend can start on a wednesday?? that'd be nice ;) 

I fell in love with both the blouse and the cardigan as soon as I saw them and funny enough, I got them quite a few months ago, my mom gave me the pink/coral blouse for my birthday back in July and the cardigan was also a gift in late August. I promise I wear these cute pieces, I just haven't been really able to take pictures :( mind you, I was pregnant when I got them and they looked just as cute with a belly as they do without ;) 

when I was pregnant I really wanted to shop (because it's like a pastime of mine, duh) but also because it made me feel prettier to have cute things to dress my new body in, but I didn't want to waste my money on things I wouldn't wear afterwards. so cute blousey blouses and open cardigans for the win!! 

thank you for stopping over :) 
hope your December 1st is full of JOY! 
my sweet daughter Navi is 3 months old today!! where is all the time going?! 

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