.green for the holiday.

lularoe dress // diy heels // burberry scarf 

today's look is what I wore this past weekend for the sunday before Christmas! :) now I enjoy getting festive and dressed up, but I realized that I don't own hardly anything sparkly, red or gold. I had to switch things up a bit and go for a printed green midi dress with teal heels (that I embellished myself, tutorial here) and to mix it all up added a plaid scarf in a neutral color. 

I'm SO excited for Christmas this year!! Nash and I will be celebrating Navi's first Christmas, and even though she's so young she won't remember it, we will. and believe me, there's going to be a lot of pictures ;) I love this time of year, and the sunday before Christmas is full of beautiful music and everyone is just in the best mood! the spirit is near and I just love it. this year the holidays have crept up on me and I haven't felt totally in the moment like previous years. I'm super busy and so it's great ot have special days like I had this past sunday to relax and focus on what this great time of year is really all about :) 

thanks for reading! 

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