.best vest-ed.

vest Bohme, found in store // Abercrombie plaid top // Franco Sarto booties via Nordstrom Rack // Flying Monkey denim via Bohme 

I am in love with the denim vest. 
for a few years now we've seen the chambray denim top as the accent layering piece that has become a staple in everyone's wardrobe .. now .. it's all about the vest ('bout the vest) ;) I think it's the cutest layer to any look. I love it because it doesn't completely hide what you're wearing underneath - AND if you wanted it's light enough you could throw a coat / jacket over the vest when it's really cold out! 

these booties I found about a month ago and they're my new fall shoe staples! I want to wear them everywhere with everything ;) even dresses! they're such a great boot because they're low enough that they're practical but I still feel on trend :) 

I hope you're having a great week! 
let me know what you think of the denim vest .. would you wear it?? :)

(I'll link below a few of my favorites to recreate this look!)

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.berry cozy.

sweater, found black online, jeans (last year) & hat (last year) similar here, Bohme // necklace, Joann's // Franco Sarto boots via Nordstrom Rack (found last year), similar here

who doesn't love a cozy sweater?? I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it in Bohme, it's very hard for me to not want to buy ALL of the store when I shop there ... everything is just darling! yet practical .. I have MANY pieces that I've picked up in years past that are still some of my favorite things to wear :) another thing I'm excited about is the over the knee boot trend is still around this season and I couldn't be happier! ;) and I have quite a few on my wishlist! 

it's so stinkin crazy how quickly the year has gone .. considering I was pregnant for all of it until September and seriously in one night! my life has changed!! ;) poof! I'm a mommy! and poof my body is different now too! gratefully, oversized & loose sweaters and tops are in style so I have all of this great layering season to get in shape (because trust me, it's not getting 'back' into shape, I never was in shape to start ;) haha) some tricks and tips for me 'bouncing back' are that I try to drink just water (and as much as I can) I also wear high waisted jeans ;) lifesavers!! I don't have a strict diet of staying away from treats but I do eat them sorta sparingly :) ;) sorry I don't have a super great secret! just those few things have been helping me at least look like I have my body back :) ;) 

thank you for reading and following along! 

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for today's post I wanted to share a recap of the trends that I did in collaboration with a variety of bloggers this season, using the # on Instagram of #bloggersFALLfor you're able to see a taste of the fun trends we loved this fall season of 2015. 

and here are the trends :) 
which are your favorites??? 

maroon, booties, high waisted pants, berry lips, plaid, hats, fringe, flare denim, suede, olive green

maroon and booties

high waisted and berry lips 

plaid and hats 

fringe and flare denim 

suede and olive green 

thanks for reading :) 

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