.purple pants.

 Flying Monkey denim via Bohme // Hollister chambray top // hat - borrowed from sister's closet // J.Crew Factory flats, old

there's something about these pants that I just LOOOOVE. whether it's the color, the fit, the fact that they're affordable - probably all of the above ;) if you haven't tried Flying Monkey denim - do. just do. this color is like purple, yet taupe. it's so perfect for this time of year and I love it paired with other shades of purple / maroon. I want to adopt this hat ;) I'll link below more that I'm loving below! (I'm on a hat kick this year - I've already bought two new ones for the fall season!) 

I hope you're having a great week! :) it's been an interesting one at my place, with getting used to how baby girl functions (feeding schedule, sleeping schedule, pooping schedule ;) wait .. there's no schedule!) haha!! I'm feeling a bit drained but let me tell you that I now get it when they say "sleep when the baby sleeps!" otherwise you don't get to ;) :) 

thanks so much for stopping over! 

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