.navi's birth story.

my dad 

Nash's mom 

me and my mom :) 

lucky guy was the first to hold her ;) 

and kiss her ;) 

so it all started on Monday August 31, I went to work and I work retail .. so I'm up and walking and helping people (bending down for drawers and our store is pretty good in size so the walking really adds up) and for days (customers especially) were taking notice of my belly :) telling me how low it looked and how I was 'ready to pop'. I didn't feel like Navi was coming anytime soon. I could tell she'd dropped a bit but I had always carried pretty low the entire time so I didn't think much of it.

I worked 4-10 pm .. I got home around 10:30 though and by the time I was in bed it was 11 pm. Instantly though, my stomach felt sick. I didn't know if it was just upset, or if I was hungry. I had weird cramps too .. I got up around 11:30 because I couldn't relax and headed right for the bathroom - I was positive I just needed to relieve myself (TMI!) and that would solve the stomach aches. I got back in bed close to midnight (I had been texting a few friends about my cramps, telling them what was going on, and I was wondering if maybe they were contractions? my friends definitely thought they were - but I was skeptical) as I laid back down, I felt another pang of pain in my lower stomach and hips and then a little gush of liquid came - I KNEW I didn't just pee because I had just been in the bathroom! I thought it was odd, but it was a small amount so I didn't think much of it, until 10 seconds later when it happened again - more this time. I seriously was thinking it was my water breaking! I grabbed Nash's arm (my husband asleep next to me) and woke him up telling him I think my water was broken. I've never seen him jump out of bed so quickly. He ran around the bed to my side and helped me up. I tried to cup my hand underneath me so I wouldn't leak all the way to the bathroom ... but I totally leaked, making a nice trail behind me. I sat on the toilet so I wouldn't make a mess anywhere else. Nash standing in the doorway asked what I needed. I asked if he'd get my phone so I could call my mom, and I told him to call his mom. (we wanted both of our moms at the birth and so we needed to give them a heads up, so they could get to the hospital). Nash then started running around the bedroom, grabbing me pj's, my pillow, our toothbrushes (you see we were NOT packed for the hosptial! big mistake - next time I'll be prepared weeks in advance ;) it was midnight and we were headed to the hospital. we dropped our dog Berlin off at my parents' and they said they'd come up and see us once we got checked in and figured out how far into labor I was. 

I started feeling a bit nervous. I realized we were going to have a baby (probably that day). It was about 12:30 and we were getting checked in, I was having stronger contractions and was in a wheelchair that a nurse was pushing as Nash was at the desk doing most of the paperwork. I never liked to read about birth, I've never watched a birth because blood makes me sick. I can't handle stuff like needles and blood and the pain was really strong. I thought I could handle the contractions but everytime I had one I felt sweaty and soooo uncomfortable in my hips and lower back. The nurses wheeled me into a room where I changed into the gown and I wasn't in there for 15 minutes before they decided to just get me settled in my delivery room. 

I got the epidural when I was in between a 4 and a 5. I wasn't going to get it, I wanted to be brave and strong. I wanted to prove I could do it without. But something a nurse said changed my mind. She said something like "I want you to enjoy this experience as much as you can, it's a beautiful time and if you're focused on the pain, you won't be focused on your baby and how wonderful this occasion is" I wanted to enjoy having my baby and not be worried about the pain - so that's why I chose to get it. and trust me - it was the best decision for me! I was so happy and just totally fine after that :) :) I kept saying that if I could feel this good all the time, I'd have babies everyday! 

Our family started arriving - and I'm unsure what time it even was (I want to say between 2-3) Nash's mom and step dad drove from Daybreak, past Salt Lake and they arrived first. My parents came a bit after. Nash's brother came just afterwards :) it was like we were having a party! A middle of the night party! 

I was progressing rather quickly and near 5 am I was close to a 10. The nurse was in with us and she wanted to get my legs up so that I could start to push a little bit before the doctor arrived, but as soon as she got my legs propped into position, and she felt for the baby she said that our baby was right there and that I shouldn't push at all. She could feel our girl's head and wanted us to wait. That made me feel super nervous because my life was going to change so drastically so quickly. I didn't know that birth could be this easy. (I know that makes me sound like I'm a brat or something - I know that some women really struggle and suffer and maybe I was meant to have a smooth birth and maybe my next one won't be - who knows?! but this is my story and I'm happy to share it) 

The doctor arrived (I think around 5:30 or 5:40) and they had everything set up ready to go, I couldn't feel my legs or anything lower than my hips so as they were having me push - I couldn't tell where I was focusing my energy and where I was applying pressure to push. I kept losing my breath while trying to hold it while pushing. Her head was coming out and the doctor let me reach my hand and feel her head with my hand, she wasn't slimy and she had hair!! ;) :) It honestly startled me a bit to get to feel my daughter. The realization that she was coming so soon was startling too. A few more pushes and after no successful attempts using a vacuum. My doctor was explaining that her head was there but I needed to push really hard so we could get her head out - they maybe would have needed to do a C -section. I didn't want her to suffer being stuck so I gave it everything I had, I looked at the clock and it was 5:54 .. I told her that she had 6 minutes to show up because I didn't want to push anymore. She basically fell out after we got her head out and she made it, right at 5:59 am. September 1, 2015 .. weighing in at 5 lbs. 11 oz. and 19 inches long. She was born in room 519, with the birth date 9.1.15 (SO many 5's, 1's and 9's, we won't forget any of this). 

Our little Navi Taylor Jeppsen (pronounced Navy) was born, two weeks early. But we're so happy she decided to show up. We've had the best weeks with her, definitely haven't had the most sleep but the love I feel for her and my husband is amazing and I want to be a better and happier person because of her. :) Nash is the sweetest daddy and I knew from the moment he saw her that they'd have a special bond. He adores her. Nash and I tried for over a year and a half to get pregnant, and with month after month of failed pregnancy tests.. I was getting frustrated. We purchased our first home, close to family in January and little did we know but we got pregnant in December of 2014. God knew and had a special plan for us so that we could have this baby close to family and be in our own home. :) I'm happy it all worked out the way that it did. I love our little family! 

Thank you so much for reading :) I hope you enjoyed reading about Navi's birth and seeing pictures from that very special September 1st day. 

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  1. Congratulations!! I hope you treasure the birthing pictures you've posted. I look at mine often and remember how wonderful that day was and how much of a miracle it is giving birth! You're story made me cry, good tears though. Your little family is so sweet


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