.chasing summer.

top (found in store) Bohme // Flying Monkey denim via Bohme // Yosi Samra flats // Nars lipstick in shade 'cruella'

who else feels like they're chasing summer?? I'm trying to hold on to warm days, bright colors, playing outside and all other good things that come from summer time. :) I'm so sad it's coming to an end. I've already started wearing jackets and socks! something I've noticed too, not being pregnant, I'm FREEZING always ;) I don't have my little heater inside anymore to help me out!! 

so these pictures were hilarious to try to capture. I really love this shirt and I keep wearing it for hopes that one of the days I do, I'll actually snap some pics of it. well my dog decided it'd be so fun to run around the yard (smelling around for a neighborhood cat that lingers around) and so we were on the silliest chase around the yard. but! I actually love how these funny pictures turned out :) no 'fake' poses .. this is real joy on my face people ;) I'll admit I was getting frustrated and these smiles and laughs were out of the pure thought of how stupid it was my dog wasn't listening to hold still. :) but what can ya do??? something I'm learning is going with the flow and just trying to see the good in each situation. :) and I got some fun laughs from attempting a shoot for this look. I hope you enjoyed them!! and if you're a neighbor and you saw this all go down ;) I hope you had a laugh too! 

have a great day! 

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