.zipped up.

(my bossy self coming out ;) I think I was looking at some horses and showing my husband :) but look at that belly! :) ;) 

navy version here, blush pink version here

I'm 35 weeks. 

that means potentially I could have this baby in the next 5 weeks. eeh! nerve racking!! happy of course, but also a bit overwhelmed :) I wish I would've become more familiar with maternity clothing earlier in my pregnancy .. if you've read my blog for a while then you know that I have debated between buying maternity and not buying maternity. something I've learned is JUST DO IT. the clothes are MEANT to be bigger in the chest and belly area and allow for stretching :) SOOO much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy tops or worrying about stretching out my snug tee shirts :) 

the blouse I've got on above is SO soft, it's sophisticated, comfortable but looks so chic and dresses up anything :) I wore it with black ripped jeans and burgundy kitten heels just for fun. this top could be styled in literally a thousand ways ;) it's THAT good. I wish I got more colors :) you bet I'm going to be wearing this even when I'm not pregnant!! it's just a drapey shape so it'll flatter all bodies :) Pink Blush Maternity has a huge variety of fashionable maternity clothes (and guess what?!) if you're not pregnant ... :) you can shop their other site Pink Blush!  

have a fabulous day!! 

 photo jensynsig_zps5647e22c.png

thank you to Pink Blush Maternity for inspiring this post

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