.easy framed art ... a diy project.

today's tutorial is seriously SO easy but it turned out amazing! :) 

supplies needed ... 

two poster frames, a cute bag (we got our bag from Anthropologie, it's just their shopping bag) :) , scissors, nails, hammer and a level

- measure your bag from side to side and also from top to bottom :) my bag is 20 in. x 20 in. and so that's the size of frame I bought for this project. depending on if you want the image smaller, just cut the bag to fit your desired frame size. 

- you will cut the back and front of the bags out and then place inside the frame :) the back and front should be mirror images of themselves and that's what we wanted for our wall in our kitchen

the image is angled but here's one side done :)  

here's the finished product :) this project looks so much more expensive than it really cost. the frames I got at Joann's and were 50% off as well as I had an extra 20% off coupon, the bag (wasn't totally free because we made a purchase ;) but was still cheaper than buying a fancy print online!)

we love how this turned out and how it adds color in a sophisticated way to our kitchen :) 

would you create a project like this?? :) if so, which bag are you going to use?!! 

thanks for stopping by :) 

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