.neutral summer to fall.

Target dress (similar linked below) // Ray Ban sunglasses // Bohme Billabong hat (more options I'm loving below) // Fossil watch // Steve Madden sandals

this look I wore the other night to a blogger event at the Sperry's store which was hosted by Rachel and Emily - I love their blogs and while I've had the chance to meet them in the past (before I started blogging) it was great to get to talk to them more in depth and just chat! they both had daughters first and I'm so excited to have my little girl here too! 

this belly is definitely loud and proud! in the pics I was 37 weeks and 5 days .. now I'm 38 weeks along and this baby girl is s.n.u.g. A few pieces that are my go to's for summer to fall transition are -a great tee shirt dress .. I love how versatile this tee shirt dress has been for me and I've worn it a bunch of times here on the blog! it works great for maternity or non maternity looks. I'm also super obsessed with hats and I think that's because they're so easy to wear and instantly change up any look! these sandals are so cute and seriously fun to wear - I love their vibe! the only thing is with my swollen feet and ankles they're not the most flattering ;) but 'this too shall pass'! 

thank you guys for following along! 

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.getting ready at 37 weeks.

I am getting so excited yet more scared of the unknown as we're approaching baby girl's due date. from today I have 21 days to go. I have started packing her bag as well as my husband and I's. It's weird because I find that packing is a simple process .. that I'm making a whole lot harder ;) One thing I'm definitely taking is this darling robe! I knew I wanted a robe to wear at the hospital because of ease of dressing and for breastfeeding. this robe is perfect!! it's a great length (most robes I've found come just under the bum ;) and this comes almost down to my knee!) the pattern is really beautiful and fit my bohemian look for our girl's nursery. 

the "bushel and a peck" wood art was given to me by my grandma and I'm obsessed with it. that saying was sung by her mom all the time and my mom grew up hearing it, Nash and I had a display art framed piece of that same saying at our wedding - so to have a piece of it in our baby's room is so perfect to remember those beautiful women in my life. 

the ultrasound photo featured is the very first ultrasound we got of our baby :) she was just about 10 weeks along! and was the cutest little bean ;) I'm always pondering who she'll look like and if she'll have hair when she's born or not. she's such a wiggly thing in my tummy and is seriously always moving. it makes me think she might just be the most active little girl ;) I better learn to keep up! 

being pregnant has been such a special time and I've really grown closer to my own mom :) I love the connection that we share and will continue to share 

I'm almost sad that my pregnancy is just about over .. there are a lot of things I'll miss. One thing is the fact that Pink Blush Maternity is stocking their site full of the cutest maternity fall / winter clothes! :( good thing they have their non maternity site too ;) :) I'm excited to dress my new mommy self in just a few short weeks! 

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have a fun monday! 

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thank you to Pink Blush Maternity for inspiring this post 


.pregnancy update .. 36-37 weeks.

Hey my friends! so I'm at the last bit of my 36th week going into my 37th and thought I'd share a little bit that's been going on :) just details and questions that I've been getting asked. I answer a few in the video but I totally forgot to mention some other things!! (pregnancy brain ;) 

I have been feeling what I consider to be maybe braxton hicks contractions - they feel almost like period cramps .. (no fun!) and they are starting to become more frequent. my body is prepping itself for this crazy event!! :) I'm excited though! 

Like I stated in the video, I've been trying to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated .. I feel this has helped with the weight gain and swelling but I also feel like it's helped with my stretching skin. I don't think I have any stretch marks ... yet (knocking on all wood!) lol .. I have been using Bio Oil since about the second trimester (wish I started sooner) and lotion since I found out I was pregnant. I'm not sure if these methods will work for everyone - but they've worked for me this far. 

I have not been sensitive to foods or been sick in really anyway :) I get a teeny bit nauseous when I'm around perfumes (so work gets difficult) but I can usually manage. I have not worked out while being pregnant. I wasn't in an active fitness routine before I got pregnant so I didn't want to hurt myself or the baby trying to start something ;) I'm waiting until after she's born to get back into a regular routine :) I have quite a few friends that are members at gyms and seriously can't wait to get back to even better than I was before - I want to be healthy for my daughter and for my family. :) 

thank you so much for hanging out and checking in on how I've been doing :) 
have a fabulous day!! 

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.yellow flowers : a maternity shoot.

Bohme dress & undershirt 

Nash and I went out for a day of camping, meeting up with his family in the mountains :) and of course I had to bring a dress ;) because I knew with the gorgeous scenery that I needed some maternity pictures! I don't know when this baby girl is going to make her debut so at 36 weeks taking pictures - I feel like I'm pushing my limit! I wanted to document this growing bump and even though it's hard to find a comfy position to sleep these days ... I would not trade this for anything!

baby's bedroom has a bohemian vibe while still being girly. I wanted the pictures to evoke the same calm yet curious feelings. I have loved this dress my entire pregnancy. it has been able to grow with me, which I appreciate - and it's non maternity! so I can totally rock it afterwards ;) 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures - because I sure love them! 
thank you for reading! 

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.aubergine & blush.

falling into fall

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 (search 'small monroe' rebecca minkoff) // 6 my new go-to watch! // 7 // 8 

I'm so obsessed right now with anything and everything blush. I have always loved pink but lately (maybe it's the baby girl inside) ;) but I want everything in this lovely shade of pink! I added a fun pop of aubergine to make the look perfect for a fall transition outfit! 

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.kimono patterns.

kimono c/o Pink Blush Maternity 
more kimono options here

I talked yesterday about how I loved Pink Blush Maternity and their beautiful selection of fun, fashionable maternity clothes. but you guys! I don't think I truly got my point across ;) :) 

I've never owned a kimono before - I always thought I was too short to pull them off ;) but this one is adorable!! I had a ton of fun styling it and could go on and on about what else I'll be wearing it with ;) but I'll just let you wait and see :) I went for pattern mixing today keeping my look within the same color scheme .. black, white and pops of pink and silver! the stripe in my top is small enough that my shirt acts as a solid and really lets the bright kimono take the spotlight. 

(dare I say, this might very well be a favorite maternity look on my blog ;) 
what do you think??!! yes to the kimono? and yes to Pink Blush Maternity

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thank you to Pink Blush Maternity for inspiring this post 


.zipped up.

(my bossy self coming out ;) I think I was looking at some horses and showing my husband :) but look at that belly! :) ;) 

navy version here, blush pink version here

I'm 35 weeks. 

that means potentially I could have this baby in the next 5 weeks. eeh! nerve racking!! happy of course, but also a bit overwhelmed :) I wish I would've become more familiar with maternity clothing earlier in my pregnancy .. if you've read my blog for a while then you know that I have debated between buying maternity and not buying maternity. something I've learned is JUST DO IT. the clothes are MEANT to be bigger in the chest and belly area and allow for stretching :) SOOO much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy tops or worrying about stretching out my snug tee shirts :) 

the blouse I've got on above is SO soft, it's sophisticated, comfortable but looks so chic and dresses up anything :) I wore it with black ripped jeans and burgundy kitten heels just for fun. this top could be styled in literally a thousand ways ;) it's THAT good. I wish I got more colors :) you bet I'm going to be wearing this even when I'm not pregnant!! it's just a drapey shape so it'll flatter all bodies :) Pink Blush Maternity has a huge variety of fashionable maternity clothes (and guess what?!) if you're not pregnant ... :) you can shop their other site Pink Blush!  

have a fabulous day!! 

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thank you to Pink Blush Maternity for inspiring this post

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