.what I'm obsessing over.

signature look

blouse // pointed toe booties // denim // blush bag, other color here // nude/pink lipstick // sunglasses // earrings // watch // initial bracelet // paw print bangle bracelet 

A) I'm obsessed with pink 
B) I'm obsessed with simplicity and denim 
C) I LOVE pointed toe shoes 
and D) I adore Kate Spade 

this outfit is my dream outfit ;) I was browsing online the other day and found these booties and showed my husband and told him how badly I loved them and how I needed them in my life .. and he kindly ;) reminded me that I already own a similar pair! (how does one forget??!! I'm not sure, I blame my prego mind!) but anyway, I'd gladly buy these ones too! I'm THAT obsessed! 

I have been in the market for a new bag for a while (I haven't bought a new one in a year! a year!!!!) so I'm thinking it's about time ;) and this pink one from Rebecca Minkoff is perfection! I'd really love to save up and buy a Prada, Burberry or even Givenchy ;) but I'm kind of a shopaholic and I don't think I can wait that long ;) :) haha! anyone else with me??! 

I hope you're enjoying your week! :) 
thanks for stopping by! 

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