.even better.

bohme jeans // payless booties (last year), linked similar below // essie polish 'mod square' // fossil watch // alex and ani bangle

 this shirt we got from work regarding a new updated collection :) and let me just say ... it really IS even better! the Body by Victoria collection is SOOO soft, it certainly was comfortable before, but now I'm just in love! the colors are beautiful too, the new lace and the fabrics used are just so on point - they nailed the updated collection! so if you're interested - go check it out! :) 

and honestly, this tee was so comfy I just wanted to wear it all day - and hey it fits!! :) ;) 
this belly is getting so round .. it kind of cracks me up actually because I forget just how round and basketball-like I look. I seriously look like I shoved a ball under my shirt and like I'm trying to steal it ;) I am not discreet! regardless I love it - and even if I have to live in oversized shirts for the next two months - I'll take it! :) I need her cookin' in there! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :) 
it's hard to believe July is over ;( it's my favorite month of the year! 

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