.even better.

bohme jeans // payless booties (last year), linked similar below // essie polish 'mod square' // fossil watch // alex and ani bangle

 this shirt we got from work regarding a new updated collection :) and let me just say ... it really IS even better! the Body by Victoria collection is SOOO soft, it certainly was comfortable before, but now I'm just in love! the colors are beautiful too, the new lace and the fabrics used are just so on point - they nailed the updated collection! so if you're interested - go check it out! :) 

and honestly, this tee was so comfy I just wanted to wear it all day - and hey it fits!! :) ;) 
this belly is getting so round .. it kind of cracks me up actually because I forget just how round and basketball-like I look. I seriously look like I shoved a ball under my shirt and like I'm trying to steal it ;) I am not discreet! regardless I love it - and even if I have to live in oversized shirts for the next two months - I'll take it! :) I need her cookin' in there! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :) 
it's hard to believe July is over ;( it's my favorite month of the year! 

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.33 week bump update.

I realize that I have not done a bump / pregnancy update at all this entire pregnancy! I've given little bits of information up to this point in other posts, but nothing that really covers the questions I get asked :) so here we go! 

cravings ...
 in the beginning I ate a ton of, and ALWAYS wanted a beto's breakfast burrito! I wanted hearty foods, like potatoes :) now all I want is fruit - mostly juicy fruits like oranges, watermelon and grapes! :) :) :) YUM! I also have been eating popsicles and any form of a frozen slurpie drink (I think partially because it's summer anyway ;) but I feel like I have a hard time staying hydrated and water makes me gag half the time) 

movement ... 
this baby girl is the most active thing ever! she's seriously like bouncing around constantly. :) I LOVE IT! I'm so happy she's a mover and wiggler :) ;) I always joke that she'll be a gymnast .. so we'll see ;) 

clothing ...
 I only own a couple of maternity items, 2 tee shirts from Target and a dress :) (so far) ;) I have been able to fit into some of my old jeans, but back in April I did purchase 2 pairs of shorts (the ones above) and a pair of jeans in slightly larger sizes than I wore pre pregnancy to allow for room to grow in the waist ... and let me tell you ;) the growth has been in more places than my waist! I've definitely got some curves that I didn't have before. 

health and my activity ... 
I feel really healthy, I have not really suffered from morning sickness, I did get a bit nauseous in the first trimester but could usually settle that feeling with crackers or something to munch on. I then got sick with a really bad cough (that lasted months) and that pressure in my lungs is what made me throw up ;( ew I know. everytime I ate peanuts or something with nuts would also make me feel super sick - so maybe that means this girl will have a peanut allergy!? I have been working still and I plan on working for a couple more weeks before taking a break to prepare for her as well as take a couple months off work after she's born. :) I know that working and being up on my feet has helped me not put on a bunch of weight. I do get swollen feet and ankles if I'm on them too much and I get numbness in my left leg, haha, I do also get heartburn especially at night - but hey! when you're growing a human there's bound to be some discomfort ;) 

other information ... 
we have had our family shower for the baby and I had the best time :) she is already so loved and I'm so excited she'll have the best family to come into! my friends are like family too and those who were able to make it came and we definitely were thinking of those that weren't able to make it. it was a special day and I can't wait until her birthday where we can truly celebrate her. :) 

I'm not sure when she'll be born. I don't want to get induced so we'll take her as she's ready to come. I was born a few days early and so was my husband. a lot of my friends lately have had their baby's late or right on time. my due date is September 14, so if any of you have guesses on when she's going to make her debut :) leave them below in the comments!! I'm curious who will guess it right :) 

I have really (for the most part) enjoyed being pregnant. :) it's been the best blessing, one of the hardest things I'll ever go through is coming up - being a mother!! but I couldn't be more happy with the timing of this sweet girl coming into our family :) thank you for your continued support and love! 

thank you for reading! :) 

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.felt ball pillows ... a diy project.

today's tutorial is all about how to create these 2 pillows that we're using in our little girls nursery 
I absolutely love how they turned out, the pink fabric was PERFECT and I'm so glad I didn't settle for anything else! (I was lucky and found it at Joann's!) my mom and I got to thinking of a really cute, yet unique way to use hello maypole felt balls - and on top of a pillow was our choice for this project :) 
I hope you enjoy the tutorials and thanks for reading!! 

pillow 1 

 supplies needed : 
rotary mat and cutter, measuring tape, pillow form, fabric (two different ones, if you want front and back to be different), hello maypole felt balls, and zipper 

measure out your pillow and add an inch to each side for allowing seams on all sides :) 
I used a 12X16 pillow but cut 13X17 inch pieces of fabric 

I cut one piece in pink and one piece in white (the white side is for attaching the felt balls) the pink will be the backside of my pillow. 

attach your zipper according to the instuctions on the package :) 

we added gold tassels to the corners, we sewed them up along with doing the pillow - but I do recommend sewing or glueing them in to your pillow with a tiny thread or fabric/hot glue before you stitch, this will ensure they don't fall out :)

here's the back 

here's the unfinished front :) 

play around with creating different designs until you find something that will suit the shape and size of your pillow :) we decided to do a striped effect on one side of the pillow 

we measured from the side of the pillow just where we wanted the first row of felt balls to go. the navy color starts about 4 inches in on the left side. I was careful to keep them in a straight line because we used the measuring tape and made a line down the area we were to place the felt balls. I used the navy felt balls as a guide for the remainder of the colors and kept them right next to the original felt ball. the balls were attached using just a tiny bit of hot glue that we stuck to the white side of the fabric and then placed the felt ball right over. *** a key trick to keep the glue from sticking to your pillow inside is to use a piece of printer paper and place entirely inside your pillow so that it is in between your pillow form and the case itself. by doing this you are able to ensure that the glue doesn't seep onto your actual pillow form while glueing, once I was finished placing all felt balls on the pillow I took the paper out and zipped up my zipper :) it worked perfectly! 

* pillow 2
supplies needed : 
fabric, pillow form, zipper, pom pom ribbon, measuring tape, rotary mat and cutter

cut your fabric into pieces, for this pillow I used a square pillow form 
like in the tutorial above - add an extra inch to your fabric on all sides to allow for seams 

pin your pom pom trim to the right side of the fabric with the balls facing in

attach your zipper like the instructions on the package state 

sew both right sides of your fabric together and flip insides out :) 

here's the finished pillow! 

another shot of the first pillow :) whose home is on the chair 

 and this cute pillow hangs out in the crib 

thank you so much for reading :) 

have a fantastic week! :) I'm 33 weeks and had my baby shower over the weekend! we're SO stoked for this sweet girl to come into our lives in just a short while :) 

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.boho dream catcher .. a diy project.

today I'm sharing with you this cute DIY that I did for my baby girl's room :) my mom is an ANGEL and seriously helped me through the whole process, we got it done in basically 1 1/2 days while still organizing and running errands together! this is a time consuming project that turned out really cute ... maybe just don't ask me to make another one anytime soon ;) :) 

 I wanted to recreate this vibe and look for my baby's room, we originally thought of doing a wood plank wall in her bedroom but when we found out she was a girl, instead of doing a more woodland vibe, we decided to hit the bohemian route instead :) we'll still incorporate the foxes and accents of wood, but I LOVE the lace and fun colors that come from doing a boho themed space :) 

so for this DIY you'll need :) 

supplies : 

*yarn (in at least 3 colors, I chose 5) 

*embroidery hoops (I originally had 3 different sizes but wanted bigger hoops for my wall, so I exchanged them for two 18" and one 23" size) you will not use the outside piece of the hoop - just use the inner piece (the one that doesn't have the tightening wood block) 

*fabric scissors 

*piece of cardboard (to use as a template to make the tassels, make any size according to how long you want the tassels, my piece was about 5 inches) 

to make the tassels : 

* wind the yarn around the cardboard as many times as you'd like (I started with 30 times but quickly realized that makes them quite thick, so depending on how fluffy your yarn is I found that 15-18 times was a good amount) ;) 

* once the yarn is wound around, snip the yarn. 

* cut another small piece of yarn to use to tie tightly at the top

* slide the yarn off the cardboard and cut directly at the bottom as shown in image 1

*image 2 shows using another piece (make it about 3-4 inches) tie a tight knot around the top of the tassel (some people use a bead to get the size right but I just guessed) you'll have a finished tassel like image 4 :) 

*continue making tassels until you have about 15 tassels of different colors
(I only used the orchid and mint as accents, so the white, coral and orange are much more prominent, so I made more of those ones, as I got further into my project, I realized I wanted more tassels and ended up doing 11-12 tassels per embroidery hoop, so I made those later) :) 

embroidery hoops : 

*to start the string, I just tied a knot and wound it around the same area a few times 

*I then began going in no particular order around the hoop, creating the webbing (think almost like a spider web) do this for all 3 hoops (they don't need to match) :) 

*for the outside, wrap the yarn tightly around the entire hoop - be careful about going through all of the tiny spaces that the string webbing created, you want those strings tight and may need an extra set of hands to help hold :) 

*this was the longest part and seriously I couldn't have done it as quickly without my mom and husband helping me out :) I love how the mint turned out on the smaller hoops though! 

to attach the tassels : 

*before I attached them, I placed them where I thought they should go, this will give you a good idea about which colors you should still make so that you can have enough tassels for each hoop (like I said above I did 11-12 tassels per hoop) 

*cut an extra piece of matching yarn to each tassel (I cut mine about 4-5 inches) tie the tassel in place to the webbing yarn by going through the center of each top section of the tassel (each tassel looks like a little ghost, go through the head part ;) 

*we created a swag with a special kind of lace/yarn that we used only for an accent

*we cut the pieces we needed so that the material would dangle a bit from each side and we tacked it in place with a coordinating embroidery floss to match the hoop yarn 

and this is the finished product :) 

and here's a close up of my favorite ;) 

 I loved making these for our little one's room and really hope that if you want to make one that this tutorial will help :) the inspiration for these didn't include a tutorial that I could find, so my mom and I made it up as we went. I really loved the way the tassels were positioned in the original photo I found, but ultimately you can place them wherever and however you'd like :) 

happy crafting and tag me in your pics on social media if you make these :) 

thank you for stopping by! have a great week :) 

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.electric pink and swollen feet.

Bohme blouse, old - similar options linked below // Lularoe skirt // Kate Spade heels // Candles and Confetti stone bangle // Grace Adele bracelet, old 

this look I wore this past Sunday to church and I woke up that morning wanting to feel a bit more glamorous than I had been feeling ;) so... I decided I would wear my heels. these were already a bit pinchy before I got pregnant and something I've learned is that being on my feet all of the time has made my feet and ankles swell (along with whatever water I've been retaining) so they were -really- pinching me. (ouch!!) but I made it through church, even though the last hour I wanted to scream they hurt so bad. I've learned my lesson and you may not see me in heels too much more for the next few months ;) 

there's quite a few "showing off the bump" photos in today's post and I'm A OKAY with that! I'm so in love with my bump (even though on the daily I'm struggling to find a shirt that fits) I just can't get enough and I know this time of being pregnant will be ending in the near future so I'm just going to live it up. ;) :) 

I hope you're enjoying your week! 
thank you for following along! 

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