.snug and laid back.

VS Pink tee, old // Bohme, flying monkey denim // payless flats, old ( birkenstock version here ) // hair inspired by barefoot blonde // Fossil watch 

baby girl is feeling snug in this (now) 25 week growing belly! random people are starting to stop me in grocery stores, and other public places to talk about how far I am, if I know what I'm having and other fun questions. :) I know some may get annoyed but I actually think it's so brave of those people to ask! and I love talking about this little baby girl! we seriously can't wait to meet her!! 

many of you probably have caught on, but I take inspiration for my hair from others! HAHA! I'm TOTALLY not one to create cool hair creations all on my own, and my favorite hair blogger is Amber from Barefoot Blonde. I've used her tutorials countless times, usually when my hair isn't curled or straight, I've recreated a look she's done! :) I think this braid on top of my head will become an instant summer go-to! as well as when I'm a new mom and don't have time to use the curling iron or when I don't feel like getting my hair pulled ;) 

and can you believe it's JUNE! I'm over here dying because of how quick the year has gone and just how quick it'll continue to go ;) we've got baby's room painted and the crib is coming!!
 :D EEH!! I'm MORE excited than if I had done some clothes shopping ;) guess that's new mom syndrome for ya! 

happy first of June! 
thanks for reading :) 

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