.casual, cut off and comfortable.

Forever 21 tee, old // Rocksbox necklace // Fossil watch // Lularoe skirt //
Payless booties (here for $15!) 

this look I wore to church this past sunday, you know those looks that you think you look great in but when you look at yourself in pics .. you realize maybe ;) that wasn't the most flattering. well that's what I thought of these booties with this skirt - I have short legs and by having my shirt completely cover my belly (with it being my widest point too) and then the booties coming up past my ankles I lose a LOT of my leg length in this outfit. I still liked this outfit :) would I wear it again, probably ;) I just don't look very tall - but that's okay! just thought I'd share a tip with you all! 

to appear taller and slimmer, choose shoes that show off your ankles - no straps or thick material near that area and if I had tucked in my shirt and pulled my skirt up to my narrowest point (under my bust) I would've looked like I had longer legs :) *** let me tell you though! ;) as much as I LOVE fashion .... right now I'm about comfort and this outfit was perfect for my growing body :) 

being 26 weeks is so surreal. I'm so happy and excited for the next coming months! baby showers, finishing her nursery and getting our house ready for her arrival in September. she's all I think about and wonder of. Nash and I (I think even Berlin) ;) can't even wait!! 

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