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Hollister chambray top, old // Bohme flying monkey denim // Fossil watch // ruffled tank, old // necklace via Rocksbox // Alex and Ani bracelet 

first off, know this. I have not quit blogging. it may seem like I've taken a break because it's been over a week since I posted ... we have had LOTS of rainy days, I've been working weird hours, and quite honestly, most all of my clothes don't fit me. ;) I want to inspire my readers to create fun, beautiful yet practical looks .. however I personally haven't been feeling inspired. I decided with my body changing and life remaining crazy that I will post when I can, and until I have more spare time on my hands unfortunately that may have to be how it goes. ;) thank you to those that have followed and will continue to follow along! YOU inspire me! :) 

so this look is simple. chambray, dark denim and my go-to nude flats .. but! I have a REALLY cute sparkly necklace ;) I love that it's a statement but isn't so overwhelming to my outfit or my petite frame. I also appreciate that it shines but isn't blinding. it's just a great necklace! if you haven't tried Rocksbox .. do it! use my code stripesinbloomxoxo for a special discount! :) 

I hope you're enjoying your week! :) 
thanks for stopping by! 

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