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the above image makes me look a bit rounder in the belly than I am right now ;) she's a smaller bump (not as perky!) ;) lol! 

Forever 21 striped tee, old // Bohme shorts // Yosi Samra flats // Rocksbox necklace (use code Jensynbff when you sign up)

most days in the warmer months I just want to be comfortable, and play outside! I always get a few pairs of denim shorts because I KNOW I'll wear them day after day after day ;) and who cares if you end up sitting on the grass in them anyways. :) I like to make a simple outfit more fun by wearing color or prints. this look is really casual but I made it feminine by adding this jeweled necklace and pink shoes. a really simple hairstyle, a ponytail was jazzed up by a braid (which is also helpful to keep my hair out of my face ;) 

I don't wear my hair up nearly as often as I used to, it was nice to branch out a bit and wear my hair in a cute, braided pony. What are some ways you style your hair in the summer? :) let me know if the comments, I'm ALL ears! 

I'm 21 weeks currently and (I think I'm feeling our baby moving!) I don't know for sure, but then again, I feel like I can ;) so who knows! at our last ultrasound she was really far in my back and really low, so that could be another reason why I don't feel her as strong yet. it's so exciting to see more women that are pregnant and due the same month as me :) 2 of my close friends babies are actually due within a week of my due date! I'm so eager to just get her room done and buy the stroller, car seat, crib and all that fun jazz.. momma's out there! when did you start getting things ready for your baby? I don't want to be too ahead of myself, but I definitely don't want to stress later on. 
help! ;) :)

I hope you have a great day! 

recreate the look using the links below :) 

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