.cool blue bag.

.a cool blue bag.

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I have been obsessed with tall gladiator flats for about 2 years now and STILL haven't found any in a price range that I really loved .. until now. :) these ones from Zara are much strappier and look more elegant than the thick strapped styles I've seen popping up all over the place. I feel like for my frame and size, these are much more practical and being black, hopefully won't draw too much attention to my untanned legs ;) 

I really love the concept of a mostly neutral look with a bright burst of color! the easiest way to do this is in an accessory! my mind immediately goes to a bag, because they're so versatile and because of how easy they are to add to any look. I'll link below a bunch of my favorites :) 

have a fabulous weekend friends! 

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