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this summer all I can think about is yummy oranges, pretty pinks and electrifying greens! I am in a juicy mood!! :) I am obsessed with these colors (especially together!) don't you love melon colors??!! I think I need a lot more of this type of happy in my wardrobe :) 

I linked below a bunch of my favorites in these colors :)
 happy shopping and what's your summer color crush?? 

thanks for stopping by! 

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.sparkles make everything better.

Hollister chambray top, old // Bohme flying monkey denim // Fossil watch // ruffled tank, old // necklace via Rocksbox // Alex and Ani bracelet 

first off, know this. I have not quit blogging. it may seem like I've taken a break because it's been over a week since I posted ... we have had LOTS of rainy days, I've been working weird hours, and quite honestly, most all of my clothes don't fit me. ;) I want to inspire my readers to create fun, beautiful yet practical looks .. however I personally haven't been feeling inspired. I decided with my body changing and life remaining crazy that I will post when I can, and until I have more spare time on my hands unfortunately that may have to be how it goes. ;) thank you to those that have followed and will continue to follow along! YOU inspire me! :) 

so this look is simple. chambray, dark denim and my go-to nude flats .. but! I have a REALLY cute sparkly necklace ;) I love that it's a statement but isn't so overwhelming to my outfit or my petite frame. I also appreciate that it shines but isn't blinding. it's just a great necklace! if you haven't tried Rocksbox .. do it! use my code stripesinbloomxoxo for a special discount! :) 

I hope you're enjoying your week! :) 
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.blue palms.

Bohme dress (found in store), other's I'm loving linked below // J.Crew Factory cardigan // Payless wedges (old) additional styles I love linked below // Fossil watch // Kendra Scott cuff via Rocksbox 

our church handed out cookies to all the women Sunday for Mother's Day, so of course I had to document how pretty it was! and no I did not eat the entire cookie myself ;) but it was delicious though!! if you follow my instagram then you know I had been in Disneyland and California Adventure last week, even venturing out to the beach for a couple of days. we are home now and while I'm sad our fun vacation is over it's good to be in our own bed and be back with our Berlin! (our dog if you didn't know her name ;) I am in major house prep for this sweet baby girl to come in September ... I realized we're 4 months away from being parents! 4 months! ahh! it's going so quickly and while I have the greatest excitement, I'm nervous and I feel overwhelmed with all of the prep work to be ready for her arrival. :) but one day at a time, it'll be done. 

the bump is growing! I swear it doubled in size last week .. :( I bought new pants (from my haul video) and already they're a bit snug, guess I get to try out belly bands! all I really love wearing is sweats and dresses .. does that make me lazy or normal? ;) the body changes are different but I don't mind because when I think of her, it's all worth it. I'm really excited because we get to see our growing baby today! :) she kept putting her hands up by her face last time and it was hard to get a good picture, so I hope today we can see her face better :) (from last time it looked like she'll have my chubby cheeks ;) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday 
and enjoy the week ahead! 

(I'll be in my yard pulling weeds ;) and prepping for my planting plans!)

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.cool blue bag.

.a cool blue bag.

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I have been obsessed with tall gladiator flats for about 2 years now and STILL haven't found any in a price range that I really loved .. until now. :) these ones from Zara are much strappier and look more elegant than the thick strapped styles I've seen popping up all over the place. I feel like for my frame and size, these are much more practical and being black, hopefully won't draw too much attention to my untanned legs ;) 

I really love the concept of a mostly neutral look with a bright burst of color! the easiest way to do this is in an accessory! my mind immediately goes to a bag, because they're so versatile and because of how easy they are to add to any look. I'll link below a bunch of my favorites :) 

have a fabulous weekend friends! 

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.spring haul video.

sorry about my intro and ending ... I ran out of memory on my camera (I've got to get deleting!) :) so it's a bit scattered in the editing too because it was too long ... I couldn't STOP rambling!! ;) tried keeping it short and to the point :) thank you for watching!! :) what was your favorite item?? 

I'll leave below links to products and if I can't find the items I'll link similar pieces :) 

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.easy days.

the above image makes me look a bit rounder in the belly than I am right now ;) she's a smaller bump (not as perky!) ;) lol! 

Forever 21 striped tee, old // Bohme shorts // Yosi Samra flats // Rocksbox necklace (use code Jensynbff when you sign up)

most days in the warmer months I just want to be comfortable, and play outside! I always get a few pairs of denim shorts because I KNOW I'll wear them day after day after day ;) and who cares if you end up sitting on the grass in them anyways. :) I like to make a simple outfit more fun by wearing color or prints. this look is really casual but I made it feminine by adding this jeweled necklace and pink shoes. a really simple hairstyle, a ponytail was jazzed up by a braid (which is also helpful to keep my hair out of my face ;) 

I don't wear my hair up nearly as often as I used to, it was nice to branch out a bit and wear my hair in a cute, braided pony. What are some ways you style your hair in the summer? :) let me know if the comments, I'm ALL ears! 

I'm 21 weeks currently and (I think I'm feeling our baby moving!) I don't know for sure, but then again, I feel like I can ;) so who knows! at our last ultrasound she was really far in my back and really low, so that could be another reason why I don't feel her as strong yet. it's so exciting to see more women that are pregnant and due the same month as me :) 2 of my close friends babies are actually due within a week of my due date! I'm so eager to just get her room done and buy the stroller, car seat, crib and all that fun jazz.. momma's out there! when did you start getting things ready for your baby? I don't want to be too ahead of myself, but I definitely don't want to stress later on. 
help! ;) :)

I hope you have a great day! 

recreate the look using the links below :) 

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.the best dress.

Bohme cardigan // Bohme dress // Bohme undershirt (found in store) // Payless sandals (last year) styles I'm loving this year linked below // Target sunglasses, similar linked below

this outfit!! (where's my heart eye emoji?!) I am obsessed with this floral print .. and while I've never been too fond of yellow or purple (especially together) this look just gave me a love for those colors!!! my mind has been forever changed ;) :) and thank goodness! yellow and purple are so fresh and bright .. perfect for this time of year! 

I love floral prints and as I've been sorting through my closet, I noticed I really didn't have as many floral pieces as I wanted in my wardrobe. so when I found this dress (plus it has pockets!) I knew it'd be coming home with me! I can ALWAYS find something I love at Bohme. :)

have a great day and 
thanks for reading! 

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.2 ways .. RM skirt.

2 ways .. RM skirt
look 1 

look 2 

hooray for pink, blue and white! this color scheme is so fresh and crisp and just seriously perfect for summer! today I wanted to share a little outfit wishlist with you. I featured this darling skirt in two ways .. look 1 is flirty and fun (great for a girls night or date night dancing with the man!) while look 2 is definitely feminine and practical (perfect for park / beach strolls or picnic dates!)

which look do you prefer? :) and where would you wear each outfit? 

Mother's Day is right around the corner and because I know the sweet momma's in my life love accessories, I really wanted to showcase a few of my favorites this year in the looks above :) I love this darling 'mom' necklace, it's dainty and it's Kate Spade! I also love Kendra Scott and when you sign up for the emails you get an automatic discount! check out her site today and get shopping for some amazing jewels! :) 

thanks for reading my friends! 
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