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spring picks! sole society april 2015

sole society april 2015 (this is just the beginning!) ;) 

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Sole Society seriously nails it. every. time. they release a new shoe. I'm like 'dang, I NEED that one' the next week 'ooh! those too!' and the situation occurs again ... and again. ;) it always has and it always will. they do a FABULOUS job at staying current and SO cute but staying within a decent price range, and not to mention they offer sales (every once in a while, so be on the email list ;) to know when to hit up these deals!) but I wanted to share just a few that I've got my eye on this season :) because you know me and my shoes. I love 'em. 

thanks for stopping by! have a great weekend! 
I'm looking forward to General Conference! :) and celebrating Easter! 

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