.red rocks.

and a few iphone shots! 

no images are edited! the above picture really was THIS orange/red color - so cool! 

and of course I'm being a diva about red sand on my shoes ;) 

we knew we wanted pictures of some of the red rocks down in St. George last week, so we just got in the car and went for a drive. :) we didn't hike too far in or too high up but it was amazing what we were able to see and experience from this little jaunt. it's seriously all so breathtaking! I LOVE Utah! :) it's so cool to live in a place where there are deserts like this but also have incredible mountains and forests just a few hours away. the views were awesome, we could literally see the entire town from where we stood. I was a bit nervous we'd find snakes or scorpions or even a mountain lion! luckily the worst thing I saw was an ant ;) we really lucked out because a couple hours later and through the night the wind picked up and it rained. 

had I known I was going to be practically hiking ;) I would've worn old shoes instead of my brand new lilac Vans :) but hey, gotta break 'em in somehow. I got them at J.Crew and I'm so impressed! the color is the CUTEST and SO perfect for this season! I've been needing knee length shorts and especially since my belly keeps growing ;) I couldn't just cut off any jeans I had. Bohme had a pretty decent selection as well as Hope Avenue (where I found a dark wash pair I love) for the price and the size selection I'd definitely check them out if you need new shorts this year :) 

thank you for stopping by! 
have a great day!! :) 

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