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'palm' print // black and white plate // basket // bird vase // word pillow // fur pillow // 'heels' print // poodle statue // pink lamp 

I am in a mood where everything in my house needs a refresh! I'm (after 3 months) finally ready to get finished painting and start hanging things on the walls! (I have been dying to do this, and my husband and I decided it HAS to get done, no more putting it off) as stressful as decorating a home is, I feel like little touches can really brighten up a space. 

I am a 'collector' you could say .. of papers, nicknacks, and have to really focus when it comes to organizing and keeping a tidy house. I have a few places that big baskets (like the one above) will really come in handy in storing extra blankets, Berlin's dog toys and someday our own child's toys. 

I enjoy color, but I also love a clean and neat house. pops of bright, bold colors are what I love to mix with neutrals in a space. We are so ready to be organzied and I can't wait to share pictures when we're close to done! :) -- what do you like to decorate with?? 

thank you for stopping by! 
have a marvelous wednesday :) 

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