.a dress and a hat.

Lularoe dress // sandals (old) // Icing hat (such a great find!) // Fossil watch // Charming Charlie scarf (old) I linked below scarves I'm loving this year // Essie nail polish (Fiji) 

I just want to live in dresses! I can move and bend and I'm not constricted! :) if you remember I had a goal at the beginning of the year to dress more feminine and wear more dresses / skirts .. whelp! here I go! :) I have a preeeetttttyyyy good feeling I'll be looking like this until September ;) 

at a glance I realize there's a lot going on in this look. a lot of color. a lot of pattern. but I'm okay with a lot. if you wanted to simplify this look, go for a solid dress with a patterned scarf and keep the hat and sandals neutral. or you could do the opposite and do a printed dress with a solid scarf and keep the accessories in the same color palette. :) what would be fun too, is if you wore all white with 1 pop of color! ;) white is SO on trend and hot for summer! that'd be my next move with this outfit formula. since it's getting warmer and we start to shed the layers .. I like to pile on the accessories when I can. keep bracelets in mind, hats, scarves .. even adding a punchy lip color can totally spice up a simple summer look. :) 

thank you for coming over! 

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