.red rocks.

and a few iphone shots! 

no images are edited! the above picture really was THIS orange/red color - so cool! 

and of course I'm being a diva about red sand on my shoes ;) 

we knew we wanted pictures of some of the red rocks down in St. George last week, so we just got in the car and went for a drive. :) we didn't hike too far in or too high up but it was amazing what we were able to see and experience from this little jaunt. it's seriously all so breathtaking! I LOVE Utah! :) it's so cool to live in a place where there are deserts like this but also have incredible mountains and forests just a few hours away. the views were awesome, we could literally see the entire town from where we stood. I was a bit nervous we'd find snakes or scorpions or even a mountain lion! luckily the worst thing I saw was an ant ;) we really lucked out because a couple hours later and through the night the wind picked up and it rained. 

had I known I was going to be practically hiking ;) I would've worn old shoes instead of my brand new lilac Vans :) but hey, gotta break 'em in somehow. I got them at J.Crew and I'm so impressed! the color is the CUTEST and SO perfect for this season! I've been needing knee length shorts and especially since my belly keeps growing ;) I couldn't just cut off any jeans I had. Bohme had a pretty decent selection as well as Hope Avenue (where I found a dark wash pair I love) for the price and the size selection I'd definitely check them out if you need new shorts this year :) 

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.home refresh // inspiration.

spring home inspiration

'palm' print // black and white plate // basket // bird vase // word pillow // fur pillow // 'heels' print // poodle statue // pink lamp 

I am in a mood where everything in my house needs a refresh! I'm (after 3 months) finally ready to get finished painting and start hanging things on the walls! (I have been dying to do this, and my husband and I decided it HAS to get done, no more putting it off) as stressful as decorating a home is, I feel like little touches can really brighten up a space. 

I am a 'collector' you could say .. of papers, nicknacks, and have to really focus when it comes to organizing and keeping a tidy house. I have a few places that big baskets (like the one above) will really come in handy in storing extra blankets, Berlin's dog toys and someday our own child's toys. 

I enjoy color, but I also love a clean and neat house. pops of bright, bold colors are what I love to mix with neutrals in a space. We are so ready to be organzied and I can't wait to share pictures when we're close to done! :) -- what do you like to decorate with?? 

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.a dress and a hat.

Lularoe dress // sandals (old) // Icing hat (such a great find!) // Fossil watch // Charming Charlie scarf (old) I linked below scarves I'm loving this year // Essie nail polish (Fiji) 

I just want to live in dresses! I can move and bend and I'm not constricted! :) if you remember I had a goal at the beginning of the year to dress more feminine and wear more dresses / skirts .. whelp! here I go! :) I have a preeeetttttyyyy good feeling I'll be looking like this until September ;) 

at a glance I realize there's a lot going on in this look. a lot of color. a lot of pattern. but I'm okay with a lot. if you wanted to simplify this look, go for a solid dress with a patterned scarf and keep the hat and sandals neutral. or you could do the opposite and do a printed dress with a solid scarf and keep the accessories in the same color palette. :) what would be fun too, is if you wore all white with 1 pop of color! ;) white is SO on trend and hot for summer! that'd be my next move with this outfit formula. since it's getting warmer and we start to shed the layers .. I like to pile on the accessories when I can. keep bracelets in mind, hats, scarves .. even adding a punchy lip color can totally spice up a simple summer look. :) 

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."tropical" shades.

Forever 21 tee (old) similar here // J.Crew scarf (found in store, sale section) similar here // Hollister jeans (old) // Rebecca Minkoff bag (last year) mint bags I'm loving linked below // sandals (old) linked some I love this year below // Fossil watch // Essie nail color (Fiji

being in St. George last week was SO fun, relaxing was seriously JUST what I needed! Nash and I got to go down for a work trip for him so that meant days of shopping and being by the pool for me ;) everytime I see palm trees I think of tropical places! ;) I've never been to anywhere truly tropical yet in my life but I certainly plan on traveling! corals, turquoises and all shades of blues remind me of those tropical places with the beautiful water and fish, bright flowers and unique birds. :) my scarf and accessories definitely bring that tropical vibe that I was craving for this mini vacation. 

I'm 19 weeks in these pictures, but today I'm 20 weeks! time is going quickly! and I'm grateful ;) :) we already can't wait to meet our little girl. most of my clothes aren't fitting anymore :( soooo that just meant SHOPPING! :) :) :) which I'm not opposed to ;) so last week I stocked up on new pants and dresses that'll hopefully get me through the next 10 weeks of pregnancy ;) I haven't had to use a belly band or any tricks with my buttons yet but I'll be honest .. yoga pants and sweats are SO much more comfortable than jeans! that's why I think dresses and skirts that are stretchy are such great maternity fashion options. in fact tomorrow's post features a dress from one of my favorite companies! stay tuned! 

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today is my parents' 25th anniversary! :) 
they're such a wonderful example of love and service and I'm so grateful that I am theirs and they are mine! :) I can't wait to see them as grandparents ;) 
happy anniversary!! I love you! 


.was anyone expecting this?.

moccasins // pink chair 

our biggest secret is FINALLY out! ;) " was anyone expecting this?" 
with my posting action on the blog and on instagram taking a back seat, I've had a few people who may have guessed this was coming :) I want to THANK YOU for your patience in my absence! it's been tricky to not post anything that would reveal this secret .. so I opted to not post at all. oopsies! 

I'm relieved and overjoyed to finally share this fun and exciting news with you! :) I'm not sure why I decided to wait so long to share, most women I'm friends with / other bloggers have told around 12 weeks along and that just wasn't for me. I'm happy with my choice to have waited (and now hopefully the last half will fly by!) ;) 

some fun facts about my pregnancy this far :) 
I'm 19 weeks .. and it's a GIRL!! Due to join our family mid September. my husband is just beyond happy that he'll have another girl to love ;) as if our dog and myself weren't a handful already (talk about a high maintenance household ;) I definitely thought it was a boy, so I am super surprised and now I'm getting prepped for the bows and pink! we've also already picked out her name and are waiting to share once she's here! 

thank you so much for following along! 
and I hope you stick around to see more maternity fashion 

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