.easy spring outfit recipe.

.spring recipe.

look 1 // tee . skirt . clutch . shoes 

look 2 // tee . skirt . clutch . shoes 

look 3 // tee . skirt . clutch . shoes 

1. a spunky tee 
2. a skirt 
3. a cross body clutch 
4. lavender shoes 

this is the EASIEST formula for a unique spring look! 

I have these lavender sneakers and CANNOT wait to style them! :) stay tuned for more looks coming to the blog with this fun pair! I have ALWAYS, always, a.l.w.a.y.s .. (in every way) been a super fan of being unique and wearing whatever you want!! I was totally that way in high school, I was super funky and wore whatever I liked, however I liked to. when I started college and got a job (where I wear just black ;) I lost a bit of that spunk. I'm working hard this year on gaining that fearlessness back! I would 1000% wear these looks! if they're not your taste ;) that's okay too. tweak them a bit to your flavor! :) if a skirt isn't your favorite thing, just do jeans! or if lavender freaks you out .. try blue or pink! :) fashion is about making it your own .. so go out there and OWN IT! :) 

thanks for reading!
have a wonderful day! 

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