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splurge vs save

splurge .. dress // tote // sandals // sunglasses 

save .. dress // tote // sandals // sunglasses 

I used to create the Designer Look for Less posts ALL the time last year and I have got out of habit .. so here's the first one for 2015! :) I think these posts are so fun and they give me a chance to really search around and find good bargains! 

I absolutely love pink! and I'm not sure why but it's a color that is desperately needing to be in my closet ;) I have been decluttering for over a year and I'm seeing less and less pink in my wardrobe. wearing and buying more pink was a goal of mine for my style this year. (it is my favorite color, so I ought to wear it :) and so more pink accessories are a must this season! I'm loving the 'save' sunglasses but I honestly think that the 'splurge' sandals might be comfier than the 'save' option ;) 

what do you think?! what is worth the splurge and what do you save on?

thanks for stopping by! 

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