.triangle jewels.

earrings and necklace via Rocksbox 

I am in love with these darling Gorjana earrings! I did however send them back along with this cute, cute necklace from House of Harlow. These were the other two pieces I received in my latest March Rocksbox! I consider my first box a success and I'm SUPER excited to get my new box (hopefully this week!) 

remember if you use code 'stripesinbloomxoxo' you get your first month free! this offer doesn't last too much longer though! :) in a couple weeks it goes to offering only 1/2 off your first Rocksbox set ;) which still isn't such a bad deal either ;) :) 

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.easy spring outfit recipe.

.spring recipe.

look 1 // tee . skirt . clutch . shoes 

look 2 // tee . skirt . clutch . shoes 

look 3 // tee . skirt . clutch . shoes 

1. a spunky tee 
2. a skirt 
3. a cross body clutch 
4. lavender shoes 

this is the EASIEST formula for a unique spring look! 

I have these lavender sneakers and CANNOT wait to style them! :) stay tuned for more looks coming to the blog with this fun pair! I have ALWAYS, always, a.l.w.a.y.s .. (in every way) been a super fan of being unique and wearing whatever you want!! I was totally that way in high school, I was super funky and wore whatever I liked, however I liked to. when I started college and got a job (where I wear just black ;) I lost a bit of that spunk. I'm working hard this year on gaining that fearlessness back! I would 1000% wear these looks! if they're not your taste ;) that's okay too. tweak them a bit to your flavor! :) if a skirt isn't your favorite thing, just do jeans! or if lavender freaks you out .. try blue or pink! :) fashion is about making it your own .. so go out there and OWN IT! :) 

thanks for reading!
have a wonderful day! 

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.bucket bag .. spring wish list.

bucket bags .. spring wants

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 (also on amazon, search Kenneth Cole) // 5 // 6 // 7 (such a steal!) // 8 // 9 

a bag trend I'm really crushing on this season is the bucket bag! they're starting to grow on me, they're a tad odd in shape but where I usually don't stash a whole lot in a purse anyways .. this just might be the best size for me! and I certainly love a cross body style strap ;) keeps arms free for shopping or holding hands with the husband. :) ;) 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
thanks for stopping by :)

which bag would you add to your collection?
I'm thinking about 4,5 and 8 ;) 

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.this pop of yellow.

necklace via Rocksbox // AEO button up, old .. others I'm loving linked below // Hollister denim, old // Fossil watch // Payless booties, similar linked below // Target sunglasses, similar linked below

this necklace I got last week in my Rocksbox ( a subscription jewelry delivery / borrowing service .. super cool! ) check out my full post on my first experience here :) .. with the necklace being this bold ;) I honestly didn't have a hard time styling it. I knew it'd make the best pop against neutrals or my shirt that I happened to be wearing that day! yellow and blue just GO together!! and where I don't ever wear this shade of yellow in a shirt, I thought a necklace was a great approach to incorporating this neon shade into my life without really accentuating my fair skin ;) 
thanks for reading :) 

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.rocksbox .. first box.

use code 'stripesinbloomxoxo' for a FREE FIRST BOX ( 1 months worth ) - code for a free box expires on April 19, 2015 .. code is still good for 1/2 off your FIRST box for Rocksbox - no expiration

<<< things to know about Rocksbox >>>

- you can pay month to month or use a 6 or 12 month subscription time frame 

- you take a style quiz to determine what you like and don't like
 .. you can create a wishlist of all the things you love - this also helps the stylists get to know your personal style :) 

- for $19 a month you get to borrow jewelry and then if you fall in love with a piece - you get the option to purchase at a discount! 

- shipping is free to you and free for you to ship the items back

- you can ship the items back and get a new box as often as you'd like in 1 month and still only pay the $19 and get free shipping! (that's my favorite part!) 

- every month you get a $10 credit to use towards purchasing jewelry ;) that's a free $10! 

definitely check out Rocksbox :) I'm super excited about it and love the concept! 
happy shopping and let me know what you think about Rocksbox 

thanks for watching and have a fun day! 

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here are some close ups of the pieces I got in this first box :) 

available through Rocksbox ;) couldn't find online


.vertical stripes.

 LuLaRoe skirt // Payless sandals, last year, I linked below a few yellow shoes I'm loving // Hollister chambray top, old // Rebecca Minkoff bag, love this shade for spring // Ray Ban sunglasses // Fossil watch // Maybelline lipstick, shade is ' carnation cabernet' (loving this formula) 

this look I absolutely love, I don't know what it was .. the striped skirt, the bright shoes, the fun lips .. I was in a good mood this day too. I was slowly losing my passion for my blog. as embarrassed as I am to say that, I was. this shoot with my husband (and after having a talk about it) I realized I had been missing all the fun that had me wanting to start a blog in the first place. so here I am recommiting to you and to myself. :) :) I do this blog for fun. so it's going to stay fun! thank you for your patience with my lack of posts and for sticking around ;) when I focus on followers or numbers I get frustrated and realize that's not at all why I do my blog. I want to inspire others with my love of clothing and my passion for life :) so thank you friends for all of your sweet comments and encouragement. I love when I hear that you love my blog, or when I see you Pin my images on pinterest .. it means the world :) 

so this skirt is from the same cute company that I wore in yesterdays post .. LuLaRoe. :) they're stretchy, seriously cute and long enough that I don't have to wear a slip! also this lip color ... mm! I want to get ALL the colors because the formula is THAT GOOD! they're the Maybelline 'rebel blooms?' I guess, when I saw the display I only saw 'bloom' ;) but of course I did. so I had to have it in my collection. 

thank you for reading! :) 
have a fun day friends!

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.more country than you think.

I love where I live .. so open, so natural, full of pastures with a mountain view. just kidding! we had to drive to reach this cute spot (only a few minutes from home) but wish all of our town was this cute country vibe. I love our mountain views! ;) I think Utah has my heart forever. 

so this dress is from the brand LuLaRoe which is like a 'home party' type of business. they're seriously cute though! TONS of styles of dresses, skirts, tees and leggings and in SO many color options. I fell in love with the simplicity of the shape of this dress and the fact that it was a neutral .. but with this fun pop of CAMO! my husband has been so reluctant to let me buy anything with camo on it, so I just had to surprise him with this one ;) and guess what? he likes it! I went for an easy styling with nude shoes and a denim jacket .. but I can't wait to add sparkly jewels and PINK! this dress will easily become a fun staple for me this spring and summer! 

what do you think of camo? 
and be sure to check out LuLaRoe - I'm thinking of hosting a party soon!

thanks for stopping by! 

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.beach bum.

.beach bums.

sunglasses (a steal!) // 'beach bum' tee // orange bag // heels // denim // hat // earrings (found on Amazon- search Modern Gems) 

I am in LOVE with this tee and this color palette! bright oranges, yellows and blues are totally my hues for summer this year :) ;) is it horrible that it's only the middle of march and I'm already SO pumped for summer?! 

fringe is another trend that is going to be around for all seasons this year - and I'm digging it!

what do you think of the fringe trend?
thank you for stopping by! have a great weekend! 

(I had a late night upload :) my computer FINALLY got my video up and going on youtube .. keep scrolling for my Giorgio Armani foundation review) 

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.Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation.

foundation (#2) // lipstick (girl next door) // lipgloss (apple strudel) // mascara 

hey guys! so I purchased the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation because of Jaclyn Hill using it and it just looked FLAWLESS on her so I for sure thought .. "anything she uses will make me look just as good..." :) ;) silly me. we're different people so it is so hard to compare yourself to someone else regarding ANYTHING especially a foundation. but after wearing this for a few more days I realized that I do like the finish, I like how natural it is, but for my skin .. I have to set it with a powder. if I don't then it looks SO shiny and extra oily and slides off my chin and forehead .. so that's just me, and because this foundation is supposed to be 'luminous' setting it with a powder takes away some of the luminosity. so ultimately I think I could have gone with something different for my skin but I really like the way it looks when my makeup is done and it was fun to say I tried something 'fancy' ;) 

thanks for reading! what do you think of this foundation? have you tried it? or is there a tried and true brand you love? let me know in the comments :) 

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.designer look for less "feeling feminine".

splurge vs save

splurge .. dress // tote // sandals // sunglasses 

save .. dress // tote // sandals // sunglasses 

I used to create the Designer Look for Less posts ALL the time last year and I have got out of habit .. so here's the first one for 2015! :) I think these posts are so fun and they give me a chance to really search around and find good bargains! 

I absolutely love pink! and I'm not sure why but it's a color that is desperately needing to be in my closet ;) I have been decluttering for over a year and I'm seeing less and less pink in my wardrobe. wearing and buying more pink was a goal of mine for my style this year. (it is my favorite color, so I ought to wear it :) and so more pink accessories are a must this season! I'm loving the 'save' sunglasses but I honestly think that the 'splurge' sandals might be comfier than the 'save' option ;) 

what do you think?! what is worth the splurge and what do you save on?

thanks for stopping by! 

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.minty fresh.

 Hollister blouse (old) // Burberry scarf // J.Crew skirt (last year) similar linked below // Fossil watch // Rebecca Minkoff bag (last year), same style here, clutch style here // Ted Baker heels (score from Nordstrom Rack), other colors here

this past weekend my family and I went shopping, we were on a mission to find specific items for my sisters upcoming school choir trip and Nordstrom Rack was one of the stores we went to. so I LOVE shopping (we all know this.) but my husband and I have been trying to save (we also know this.) and I honestly have been SO GOOD at not buying anything ;) so, like I always do at Nordstrom Rack .. I check out the shoes! because wouldn't it be amazing to get some great designer deals?! I always check for certain brands like Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Rebecca Minkoff, Sam Edelman, Stuart Weitzmann and seriously countless others .. so when I spotted these mint Ted Baker heels. I immediately tried them on - looked at my husband and said "I need these" I knew if I set them down another 'lucky lady' would find these gems! and I just wasn't going to let someone else snatch up this killer deal! they were over 60% off ;) so to the checkout I went .. after eyeing the Kate Spade jewelry of course (didn't take any of them home .. this time ;) 

so.. since I had the cutest mint shoes :) I needed to create an outfit that would just shine for spring! 'minty fresh' I kept saying was the vibe of my look. and I love it! 
what color could you wear all over and love?? (I would definitely do this look in pink too!) 

have a marvelous monday! 
thank you for reading! 

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I just want to mention (because my husband is the one that noticed) but most everything I'm wearing in today's look is 'higher end' .. definitely not Target pricing, but I also want to say that I got absolutely EVERYTHING on sale. I RARELY spend full price. check out my post -here- that talks about which sites I shop from and which sales to look out for :) 
(because if we can save? why not?) 

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