.Rue La La .. styling jeans and boots.

today I'm sharing with you how I style my jeans with different styles of boots 

here I cuffed my jeans up about two inches, just once, I did not fold the cuff multiple times to achieve this look .. I like when my jeans barely skim the top of my bootie

this jean has a zipper detail up the side so I left it down .. I do cuff this style up or unzip depending on the shoe but with this boot is sat just at the leg opening so I left the jean down.

I cuffed my jeans twice with these booties, these jeans are more of a straight leg skinny jean so there is more bulk at the bottom allowing for the multiple folds in the cuff. I scrunch the cuffs up so they look more messy and not very straight or perfect. 

here I also cuffed my jeans but only about an inch and a half up, I didn't fold them multiple times, just once .. here again I like my jeans to fall right above the leg opening in the boot :) 


right now Rue La La is having a boot SALE!! and I'm kind of excited about it ;) they offer tons of great designers at a wonderful discount! 

to shop Rue La La go here .. Rue La La also has a blog, they're very descriptive and help you learn more about products and designers here they share more about boots, how they're made, different styles, how boots have changed over time .. it's really cool to see :) 

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thank you for reading! 

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