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Rach is one of the most fabulous people I have ever met (I got to chat with her about blogging and fashion about a year and a half ago at a bloggers closet meet up during the summer!) I really love her style because she's feminine, trendy and always on point! she knows her style but isn't afraid to push herself and try new things. she's the first blogger whose blog I check every day (what can I say??! I'm a devoted fan! ;) she's my greatest fashion inspiration! 

Julia is seriously so much fun. her pictures always tell a story, she travels and I love how she shares so much from her trips around the world. her style is so diverse, she wears Target to Prada. she does it all! AND she's the sweetest woman, I emailed her a while back about blogging, and she was just so genuine about my questions. I follow her husband on IG too and he is hilarious! they're both so witty and you can tell they really just enjoy life. what a great blog to follow for a mix of travel, fashion, beauty and tips!  

Jackie is newer to my feed of 'go to' blogs I read. she's a lot of fun and even though I can't depict her signature style yet, she's imaginitive and always come up with the cutest looks! (talk about her hair tho!) ;) gorgeous!! 

I want to mention that Christine doesn't always have a Starbucks in hand ;) those pictures were some I found from my pinterest board that I really loved her outfits. Christine is so chic, even as a momma (her son is SO cute!) she wears heels and even in her more casual looks, she wears something to make the outfit -that- much more special (the leopard / leather details / metallic) I love her perfect balance of casual and fancy! 

that's my quick rundown of my 'daily' blog reads ..  did we have some of the same favorites? 

let me know which bloggers you follow down below! :) 
have a wonderful day! thanks for stopping by! 

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