.my favorite neutral.

Burberry scarf via Nordstrom // Forever 21 coat // Franco Sarto otn boots via Nordstrom Rack // Hollister jeans (old) // Bohme blouse (found in store) // Fossil watch 

it's officially FREEZING (and actually has been since like 2 weeks ago) when these pictures were taken it was close to 12 degrees! and no, you can't buy that flush of red on my cheeks and nose ;) 

on Instagram I shared that Nash had surprised me for Christmas with this Burberry scarf, I had been wanting it for months and the second that I saw it was on sale I hurried and told him! but of course (because this always happens to me) it became sold out and unavailable at any stores in my state. I was pretty bummed, but a couple days later it was online again .. I rushed to Nash and told him and he seemed so uninterested ;) which didn't shock me because we are trying to save our money for things for our new house and I just assumed that it just wasn't in our budget and I'd have to forget all about this scarf. well I'm not one to easily forget ;) and everyday I would check online to see if it was still there and people kept writing reviews and I felt like I was missing out. I told my family just what an investment piece it would become, because of the cost per wear :) if you've ever calculated that out - it's a great way to see if you'll get your money's worth. I knew that this would be in my closet for decades and it would be a signature piece in my wardrobe .. I had all the reasons WHY I should get it, but the price -still- was tugging on me. but... Christmas morning on the bottom of a box it laid. Nash got me good, he never mentioned anything about the scarf and apparently bought it the day I told him it went on sale. So all my chattiness the days after were for nothing ;) but I'm happy he kept it a surprise because it was so funny (I started crying in the video my mom took, I felt like an idiot) ;) ha! I know it's just a material thing but Nash's thought and effort into surprising me with something I really loved was so thoughtful. I'm working on being as giving and selfless as he is. That's a goal I have for this year, and always. :) 

so I love gray (the girl in the gray scarf ;) and that's why I entitled the post 'my favorite neutral'. we've been busy painting the house a lighter gray shade and I'm so excited to have it all finished! 

*advice on buying a designer brand is to purchase something neutral - it's timeless and can be worn with everything! you'll definitely get your cost per wear out of it!

I hope you were able to celebrate the New Year with people you loved! I sure did, and even though I started heading to bed around 11:30, I was able to snuggle up with my husband and puppy and they were my New Year's kisses! I love them and am so excited for 2015! 

thank you for reading!

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  1. I love that scarf, it's definitely going to be a wardrobe staple for many years to come :) Before I purchase something expensive, I always think about how much wear I'm going to get out of it as well. And that Christmas surprise was so cute- he must've put so much effort into it! x


    1. he really is so thoughtful :) and thank you! glad we're the same!! I seriously sit and stew about how much money some things cost ... but it's so worth it!

  2. The scarf looks ahhhmazing! Not to mention, the story of the scarf makes your post! Too cute! And I have similar books and I'm obsessed! Perfect choice. Have a happy new year girl and I look forward to following your blog!

    1. thank you for your sweetest comment! :)

  3. Love this look, Jensyn! And those boots are on point. They look just like the Stuart Weitzman ones but I'm sure yours were a fraction of the cost. One of the many reasons why I love Nordstrom Rack :)

    Natalie | CincinNatalie

    1. YES! I would LOOOOOVVVVEE the S.W. ones but seriously these were more in my budget ... I've worn the heel out though :( so maybe I can convince my hubs I need to splurge ;) :)


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