.I wear my moto with a tee shirt.

 Kohl's moto jacket // "the way we are" tee shirt // Hollister jeans, old // Payless heels (DIYed by me .. tutorial here) // Ray Ban sunglasses  

I dress pretty casually and most days it's honestly the easiest and quickest to just throw on a tee shirt and some comfy jeans .. but to make this outfit just a bit more special I wore my motorcycle faux leather jacket and my gem kitten heels (of course all I did this day was run to Jamba Juice and build my new dressers from Ikea ;) but I knew I looked totally rockin'! a goal I have this year is to wear heels more often .. so here we go :) I'm starting with baby steps ;) kitten heels first .. then I'll inch my way up there ... get it! 'inch!' (insert laugh/cry face emoji!!) ;) 

I hope you're having a fun day! 
all week we've been working on getting moved in to the house :) eeh!! we're so excited
everything is looking soooo good! can't wait to share more! 

thanks for reading!! 

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