.2015 style resolutions.

style resolutions

this year I decided to write down and keep an image display out of my fashion goals and resolutions for 2015. I feel like my style has been the same for a while ... tee shirts, boutique finds that I love for a little while but tire of quickly and I also don't wear very much jewelry. 

today I'm sharing my top goals for transitioning my wardrobe into something that I love! 

 my fashion goals this year 

 - wear more dresses / skirts 
- invest in higher quality denim
- wear more heels 
- wear more pink 
- invest in designer / classic pieces 
- wear bold jewelry more often
- wear lipstick more often 
- dress up (even if it's just for me!) 
- try bold patterns / colors 

one of the biggest (and most expensive) goals for me this year is to invest in designer pieces .. this isn't a goal for everyone and that's totally okay :) for me, owning these signature pieces is worth it. they are classic and timeless and the cost per wear value for me is huge! I know I'll get my use out of them for years to come. these pieces are investments. I don't expect to buy a lot this year, little by little I plan to save to reach these goals. 

I'm really excited to wear more dresses and skirts, dress up my looks with jewelry and even apply lipstick on more days in the week :) I'm ready to get more girly!! I have a feeling this will be a continual goal (to dress up more) and then it will just become a habit and apart of who I am and what I choose to wear. 

what are some of your goals this year for your style??
thank you for stopping by!

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