.starburst shades.

and then these happen :) 

Eshakti dress c/o // Forever 21 cardigan, old // J.Crew loafers (old) // Fossil watch // Grace Adele necklace (no longer available) 

yay for more candy colors!! :) I love the fun, bright mix of pinks and oranges! ;) my fav. starburst flavors ... I hope you are getting a kick out of my bloopers :) taking pictures is seriously a task ;) and I'm no model so we end up with of lot of (the above ;) 

I have been working like crazy lately so any chance I get to wear color, you can bet that I am wearing a bunch of it ;) :) #ROYGBV 

and on that note. enjoy your weekend! 

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.how to style it ... basic striped tee.

how to style it ... the striped tee

look 1 ... tee // scarf // lipstick // heels // bangles // jeans (couldn't find online)

look 2 ... tee // necklace // lipstick // flats & pants (couldn't find online) // watch 

look 3 ... tee // earrings // skirt // lipstick // bangle // heels 

I love coming up with multiple ways to wear things and when building a wardrobe it's great to know what you can wear in a variety of ways :) to me a striped tee in neutral shades (such as navy and white, black and white or like above, the gray and black) is a great basic and can be worn literally endless ways ;) 

which look is your favorite and where would you wear it?? :) 

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.orange you obsessed?.

J.Crew Factory sweater, old // Fossil watch // Grace Adele necklace and earrings (no longer available) // Sole Society booties (last year) // Hollister jeans, old

I don't know what it is but lately I've been loving orange and bright pink shades :) I must just be in the mood for spring and summer, I'm definitely ready for it! We've been in our new house for a few days and it is fun but a lot of work unpacking things from storage. I didn't realize how much we actually had. ;) I am in complete declutter mode! I have so many sewing projects that I bought fabric for but haven't actually made anything with those fabrics .. so I feel some DIY posts coming within the next month :) 

hope you're enjoying your week! 
happy hump day! 

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.I {heart} pretty things.

 sweatshirt c/o All Things Pretty blog (I won a giveaway) ;) // Grace Adele bag (no longer available) // Candles and Confetti bracelet // VS Pink black leggings, similar here // J.Crew Factory flats (old) // Fossil watch

I love this sweatshirt (wearing size Medium above).. it's oversized so it's seriously THEE coziest thing I own and it's pretty right?! ;) so it's completely wearable outside the category of 'loungewear' even though I'm pretty positive my casual black leggings could be labled as 'lounge' too :) curling my hair, throwing on a fun bracelet and my pointed toe flats elevate this casual look into something extra adorable ;) and because Bow and Drape is SO much fun, check out their site and customize your own goodies today! they have adorable bags, tops, hats and now even some adorable little shirts for dogs ;) Berlin totally needs one! (or like four) haha! 

have a marvelous day! 
thanks for reading :)

* I have another post with Bow and Drape, I'll link it here :) (in this post I'm wearing an XS) 

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.home furnishings .. want list.

want list for the house

dresser // tufted bench // polka dot vase // pink kitchenaid // 'better stuff' doormat // navy wingback chair // gold side table // striped rug // fur pillow // dalmatian print pillow (similar) // and of course ;) flowers

I want my home to be a relfection of who I am and what I love. so naturally I'll have pink, navy, pops of gold, stripes with quirky yet fun and sophisticated accents :) I like brightness with color and pattern but I also appreciate simplicity and love natural textures. I've always had a love for design and artistic ways to be creative. decorating a home has been one of the biggest dreams of mine ... I have lived on my own with my husband for over 2 years but this new home we're about to move into will be the first place we've truly decorated. our previous houses never felt 'homey' ;) and some of that feeling probably came from my lack of wanting to decorate. so we're (mostly me) are excited to decorate and customize this home to our style :) I can't wait to share with you the rooms as we are getting them ready. 

I am very aware that while I can't afford to completely fill the rooms with my dream items right away that decorating is a never ending process ;) and I'm ready for this adventure .. and while I may never personally feel like the rooms are perfect, and I'll probably switch things up (because I'm like that) I'm excited to share with you guys what we're creating in our space :) 

thanks for stopping by! 

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.laid back attitude.

Forever 21 striped tee // Target cardigan // fabrik faux leather leggings // Fossil watch // Forever 21 sneakers // hair inspo. Barefoot Blonde 

this look I wore after church this past Sunday (that's why my hair is the same as yesterday's post ;) but on Sunday's I like to be comfy. faux leather leggings make the cut as pants that are both cute and comfortable! (they're a sneaky way to look more put together and just down right awesome!) pairing these black leggings with a striped tee and tan cardigan kept the neutrals thriving ;) but I needed color ... so again with a pop of color in my shoes. shoes are such an easy way to throw in an extra bit of color - and I love these Vans look a likes :) 

thanks for reading friends! 

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.navy & neon.

skirt, old (other options linked below) // Hollister sweater, old (similar linked below) // Fossil watch // Kate Spade heels // Revlon matte balm lipstick in shade 'audacious' // hair inspo. Barefoot Blonde 

this skirt I have had in my closet for probably 4 years (I'm NOT exaggerating) and I finally took the tags off this past sunday morning. I could never figure out what to wear it with, to me it looked old and the pattern wasn't my very favorite (I like more modern prints or florals) but I actually REALLY like this outfit and how it turned out. pairing the skirt with a solid navy sweater and then adding the pizazz ;) with my neon pink heels and a bold lip color really livened up this skirt and made it fun! 

also I can't stop wearing my hair like this! Amber Fillerup Clark from Barefoot Blonde has the easiest braid tutorials and this look is a must for me! it took me 1 try to understand the braids ;) I promise you can do this! 

thank you so much for stopping by! 

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.I wear my moto with a tee shirt.

 Kohl's moto jacket // "the way we are" tee shirt // Hollister jeans, old // Payless heels (DIYed by me .. tutorial here) // Ray Ban sunglasses  

I dress pretty casually and most days it's honestly the easiest and quickest to just throw on a tee shirt and some comfy jeans .. but to make this outfit just a bit more special I wore my motorcycle faux leather jacket and my gem kitten heels (of course all I did this day was run to Jamba Juice and build my new dressers from Ikea ;) but I knew I looked totally rockin'! a goal I have this year is to wear heels more often .. so here we go :) I'm starting with baby steps ;) kitten heels first .. then I'll inch my way up there ... get it! 'inch!' (insert laugh/cry face emoji!!) ;) 

I hope you're having a fun day! 
all week we've been working on getting moved in to the house :) eeh!! we're so excited
everything is looking soooo good! can't wait to share more! 

thanks for reading!! 

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.2015 style resolutions.

style resolutions

this year I decided to write down and keep an image display out of my fashion goals and resolutions for 2015. I feel like my style has been the same for a while ... tee shirts, boutique finds that I love for a little while but tire of quickly and I also don't wear very much jewelry. 

today I'm sharing my top goals for transitioning my wardrobe into something that I love! 

 my fashion goals this year 

 - wear more dresses / skirts 
- invest in higher quality denim
- wear more heels 
- wear more pink 
- invest in designer / classic pieces 
- wear bold jewelry more often
- wear lipstick more often 
- dress up (even if it's just for me!) 
- try bold patterns / colors 

one of the biggest (and most expensive) goals for me this year is to invest in designer pieces .. this isn't a goal for everyone and that's totally okay :) for me, owning these signature pieces is worth it. they are classic and timeless and the cost per wear value for me is huge! I know I'll get my use out of them for years to come. these pieces are investments. I don't expect to buy a lot this year, little by little I plan to save to reach these goals. 

I'm really excited to wear more dresses and skirts, dress up my looks with jewelry and even apply lipstick on more days in the week :) I'm ready to get more girly!! I have a feeling this will be a continual goal (to dress up more) and then it will just become a habit and apart of who I am and what I choose to wear. 

what are some of your goals this year for your style??
thank you for stopping by!

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.double stripes.

J.Crew Factory sweater, old, linked similar below // J.Crew vest (from last year) checked version // J.Crew necklace, old // Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack boots // Hollister jean, old // Fossil watch // Revlon matte balm in showy (pink) lipstick 

don't let these smiles fool you ... I was freezing!! the wind blowing sure wasn't helping that fact.
it's been a hot minute since I wore this color combination ... and let me tell you. it's one of my VERY FAVORITES! pink and navy are seriously so cute to me, and my home decor will definitely reflect this love of these colors :) (can't wait to get started truly decorating!) 

I have never worn this sweater and this vest together and I honestly don't know why I hadn't sooner. I love the mix of the bold bigger stripes against the smaller stripes. I know when I mix prints they're usually two different types of prints but it can be fun to wear stripes on stripes or here I wore florals with florals ;) what prints do you typically wear together?? 

thanks for stopping by! 

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