.winter gems.

floral blouse via Bohme // flying monkey jeans via Bohme // VS Pink puffer vest // Fossil watch // Payless teal heels // gem stones, Joann's // pink stone bangle, Candles and Confetti // white glitter bangle (borrowed from sister) ;) 

I definitely didn't go the tradtional route for a holiday look with reds or greens ... or even gold for that matter. I wanted to think outside the box and when I think of winter fashion I ALWAYS think of puffer vests. I'm so obsessed with mine ;) I love that this one has some shine to it, it gives my outfit dimension and is a great layering piece. I did incoporate sparkle with my heels (tutorial here) and bracelets. this outfit would be perfect for some family pictures, an afternoon Christmas party, or for hanging out and wrapping up gifts .. ooh! or my favorite BAKING! ;) let's be honest, I prefer the eating part and let's be even more honest .. I'll do that in my pj's ;) 

thank you so much for reading! 
I hope you found inspiration and let me know what you pair with your puffer vests. 

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