.gift ideas.

.girly girl gifts.

A-Z Fashion print // "Blah" phone case // Pink body mist // Essie nail polish // VS Pink makeup bag // Taylor Swift album // Bow earrings // pink earrings // "Flawless" pillowcase // Nars lipsticks // pale pink/nude bag 

ooh la la ... the 'girly girl'! this is pretty self explanatory. anything glitzy, name brand and pink is going to be a perfect gift for this sweet yet sassy lady. I love Kate Spade so these bow earrings are a must have for me ( a great staple, that'll never go out of style ) also how AMAZE is this Alphabet print done by Holly Nichols ... you must check out her work. she's reeeeeally good ( I have a print done by her that was given to me by a really sweet friend I met on Instagram! ;) one more must have 
(drum roooooll!) lipstick, duh. 

.quirky fashionista gifts.

leopard & black hat // pretzel pillowcases // sunglasses // marc jacobs phone case // nars eyeshadow // gold necklace // fox mug // zippered bag // emoji pillow // too faced lipstick // ear cuff // outdoor "Holla" mat 

aren't you just obsessed??!! I love the emoji pillow, I think it's absolutely hilarious and I need it in my life. I had to include a fox ;) and pretzels because if you know me ... you know I am also very obsessed. the 'quirky fashionista' is funny, confident, and just does her own thing. she's a trend setter and go getter. she's loyal and is probably one of your best friends. 

.outdoors chic gift ideas.

watch // cat framed print // animal mugs // Kidogo Kidogo phone case (show above is a 2 piece style) // triangle pillow // Kidogo Kidogo - Kitenge Pouch (great for jewelry and other small items) // hat // porcelain deer head // earrings // boots // plaid shirt 

this 'outdoor chic' girl is seriously cool. she can not do her hair for a week and STILL look like a model. she is an animal lover, wants to save the world ( by traveling it of course! ) and is into shopping small and appreciates good quality. 

I had a lot of fun putting these wishlists together because honestly, I feel like I'm a bit of all 3 of the cute imaginary girls I came up with ;) I wish you luck in finding those special gems for those special people in your life! which girl are you??? 

to go along with the season of gift giving I thought I'd talk a little bit more about Kidogo Kidogo and their mission, a few months ago I collaborated with them on my blog ... I'll link the post here
Kidogo Kidogo means "little by little" in Swahili, which I think is really cool. I don't know if I knew that when I first talked of their cute phone cases. The mission of Kidogo Kidogo is to provide women in Tanzania with their own cell phones. When a case is purchased, Kidogo Kidogo gives a phone (essentially phone credits) that the women in Tanzania may use. I love the action that the founders of Kidogo Kidogo have taken. even something as simple as a cell phone is life changing... because think about life without your cell phone. 

Kidogo Kidogo has branched their product line into t shirts, more phone case styles and colors and brought in the Kitenge Pouch. Kidogo Kidogo is offering 10% off your purchase using code KIDOGO14

thank you so much for reading! happy gift giving! 

 photo jensynsig_zps5647e22c.png

thank you Kidogo Kidogo for inspiring this post 

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