.easy diy // christmas wreath.

supplies needed : wire / coated wire , strong scissors, a pre made garland, a pre made wreath 
* you can always create your own wreath and garland from scratch, but to make this an -easy- diy
I chose to get pre made :) I bought my supplies at Joann's 

using the wires - start by placing the garland branches where you want them to lay on the wreath, going around in the circle (go the same direction all the way around) every few inches secure the garland in place by wrapping the wire around the garland and wreath and pull very tight. wrap the wire around itself (like how you close up a loaf of bread) and tuck the extra ends of the wire into the wreath itself. 

my garland had a lot of sprigs coming from one section of my garland so when I wrapped it one side was much fuller than the other, I cut those extra branches off and placed them in better positions to give better, more even coverage to the wreath. I secured them in place with the wires. 

I absolutely LOVED making this! I had fun, and it honestly didn't take me very long. it's a wonderful DIY activity to do in an afternoon at a Christmas party, or with your girl friends or even to teach at a church function for Relief Society or Young Womens! Have fun with it! :) I'm thinking of adding ornaments or a big bow ... I can't wait to hang this up for the holidays! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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