.boot styles.

boot styles

shop my picks below :) 

1. the flat 'loafer' inspired boot
2. the 'moto' boot 
3. the 'menswear' inspired boot 
4. the 'otk' over the knee boot 
5. the chunky heeled bootie 
6. the chelsea boot
7. the skinny heeled bootie 
I hope you found this post helpful and fun! I'm totally a shoe lover and I feel I can not have enough pairs ;) ;) ;) (totally joking, I know I have more than enough, but they're so cute ;) how can you not take another home?! ) 

I'm loving the over the knee style very most this season - I wear mine ALL the time! I own a pair of the chelsea boots but really want a pair of the skinny heeled booties, for dressing up all of my outfits :) 

which styles are you really loving this season??? 
stay tuned for a post coming up about how I style different boots with a variety of jeans, it'll be a fun one for sure! thank you for reading! 

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  1. i found boots like #6 in cheetah print and i'm in love!!!!

    xo, k


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