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Bohme cardigan // Bohme button up (old) // Rebecca Minkoff bag // J.Crew booties // VS Pink beanie 

I've always loved mint and navy and I seriously love how they look paired together. most days my hair is done simply, either straight or leftover curls from the day before, this particular day a braid and hat were perfect for running errands and just being comfy at home. 

so I recently bought the Bare Minerals foundation Bare Skin and I wear the very lightest shade (I used a sample in Linen a few videos ago in a tutorial - it was too dark) and I really am enjoying the foundation. it's giving my skin such a beautiful, natural glow I'm guessing because of the natural ingredients and vitamins but my skin is lookin' awesome (except for dryness, this time of year is rough). I suggest heading out and getting a sample of the foundation though it's a more affordable brand and I'm loving how it looks! 

a few friends of mine and I have been talking about getting in shape and really being focused on being healthier. (I'm HORRIBLE about staying away from treats and working out) and this past weekend have (sort of) tried to stay on the right path .. but when your parents make home made french fries ;) you have to eat them. for me, this will be about making sure I'm taking in more water and fruits/veggies and cutting down on the sweeter treats ;) let me know if you're interested in fitness and health posts??? I'm not sure if that will become a regular thing on here. I'm NOT a professional or certified in anything regarding health and wellness however if you're interested in my journey, I'd be happy to share on my blog :) 

I just adore you guys! thanks for always reading 
have a stellar monday ;) 

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