.F21 winter picks.

sweaters I'm loving at F21
left // middle // right 

outwear featuring favorites from F21
left // middle // right 

shoes featuring favorites from F21

left // middle // right 

accessories featuring F21
left // middle // right 

Forever 21 has SO MUCH GOODNESS right now you guys, it's seriously killing me! :) I want so much from there, my wish list is quickly filling up with F21 gift ideas, for myself as well as for family members! 

also if you can't help but notice, I have a thing for plaid, burgundy and neutrals this winter ;) and I'm totally A-okay with that!! what's on your wishlist this holiday season?? (I work retail, so it's -not- too early to start thinking about gift giving, considering Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!) where has the time gone??? 

thank you for stopping by! 

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