.Stripes in Bloom is ONE!.

Bow and Drape custom sweatshirt // floral tank, NY & Co (old) .. linked similar ones below // Hollister jeans // Fossil watch // Bellami hair extensions 22 in. ash blonde // hair tutorial by Amber Clark // Kate Spade heels

let's talk about this outfit ... ;) firstly this sweatshirt. I AM OBSESSED. I wore it all weekend! it's seriously SO soft and comfy and adorable. I love Bow and Drape and plan to create many more custom products with them. the quality is spot on and I love the opportunity to make something unique and 100% my own. the saying fits if I do say so myself "lipstick addict" :) :) :) :) 
the hair tutorial was easy to follow and it was fun to try something new, I couldn't do it without my lovely extensions though .. if you're contemplating getting some watch youtube and read reviews and see what will be the very best option for you. that's what I did and I decided for myself that Bellami was what I wanted :)  ps. I want to see your Bow and Drape creations so be sure to tag me on IG!! 

Happy Birthday to my blog! Stripes in Bloom is 1! 

my heart is SO full with gratitude and love for you and your continuous support :)
last year on this exact day Oct. 28 ... I had ZERO expectations on where my blog would be in 1 year. last year I had in october 268 views .. this year I have close to 3,000. I have no other words to say other than WOW and THANK YOU! 

through my blog this year I have been blessed to work with companies such as Kohl's, Jane.com, Robjant Couture, Kidogo Kidogo, Fig Tree jewelry, Fancy Band by 3 Glam Girls, Triangl, Rue La La and many others! I've also been privileged to link up with bloggers for giveaways and posts, to name a few Taylore from High Class Low Cash, Chandler from Shotguns and Seashelss, Tayler from Ginger Next Door and Alia from Little Mrs. Priss .. thank you to all my sweet instagram friends who I'm inspired daily by! I hope to collaborate with you and hopefully we can one day meet!

here's a flash back at my very first blog post ... I have come a long way in my style, in my writing, in my own personal confidence but also in my relationship with my husband. he is my biggest fan and supporter. always willing to take my pictures, help me with my hair, help me pick which shoes at the last minute, I almost always ask him "straight or curly" each morning .. to say he's amazing is an understatement. he's the main reason I have this blog, he's my encourager. when it's been hard (because believe me, there are days when I feel like giving up, when I feel like nobody reads this, when I feel like I'm really not all that people believe me to be) he's there to listen and then ask if I love doing this, he asks why I have this blog ... and to me, it's a release. I LOVE fashion, I love having a platform that I can talk about it, where I can show and share my fabulous finds, where I can hopefully inspire someone out there for something good! that's why I do this. I hope you have had just as much fun as I have ... I have high hopes and attainable goals with my blog. I'm excited to see where I'll be next year. so thank you. thank you for following along on this journey with me. it really means the world. 

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  1. Happy birthday to your blog! Who know our blog birthdays were so close?! Congrats :)

    xo, sarah

    1. Sarah :) I'm so excited that we share the week of our blog birthdays! thanks so much!! congrats to you as well love!

  2. Congrats!! Your blog looks incredible for only doing it for a year. :)

    1. thank you SO much! it seriously means the world! :)


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