beanie, Bohme // Hollister jeans, similar // sneakers, Forever 21, similar // J.Crew vest, this year's solid version // cardigan, Target // tee, Bohme // hair extensions, Bellami hair 22 in. Ash Blonde ;) 

what do you guys think of the new site??? :) designed by Kaylie Marie 
I'm obsessed! I LOVE the new cleaner look, it's functional and crisp yet shows a bit of flair with the pops of pink ;)  

this look I wore last week and shared a picture on a couple pics on instagram .. thank you so much for your sweet comments :) :) I read them all and am seriously so lucky to have such great online friends! I have had my extensions since the summer but haven't worn them much lately (due to my laziness and busy work weeks) but I think I'm going to wear them more .. cause they're really pretty ;) ha! can I say that?! .. go here to see how I put them in and style them ;)
 I stewed about whether or not I liked the vest over the cardigan but ultimately decided it was cute either way. 

my hubs, brother and I went to a local pumpkin walk and got to admire all the many talents of pumpkin carving and seriously! they. are. artists! my favorites were some of the Beatles. we also bought a really cool art piece .. an oil painting of the mountains on actual sandstone! it's kind of heavy and just beautiful! I can't wait to get decorating someday in our own home and I'll show it to you guys then ;)

thank you for your support and love!
 photo jensynsig_zps5647e22c.png

and of course ... I had to include a silly one because I just love my photographer sooo much ;)

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