.our second year.

Nash and I celebrated our second year of marriage on Oct. 11, we were in Canada and my brother so graciously agreed to be our photographer to mark this special anniversary (in my opinion, they're ALL special and equally important) ;) :) I wrote about my wedding dress I believe in a previous post, but to recap ... this dress was originally my grandma's dress, then my mom decided to wear it and she changed a few things about it to suit her style and I in turn changed some things to suit my own style and now you have the dress before you. untouched for two years. I wanted to see if I could still fit and when it fit, I thought it'd be extra special to wear it again. we wanted a more laid back vibe so the burgundy sneakers seemed like the best option (they also were the only shoes of 3 that I packed that would work) :) we love how they turned out. I shared some silly pictures, but also ones that I believe are 'wall frame worthy'. can you spot our favorite? 

this post is dear to my heart. I don't talk too often about my family but I really love this guy, he's a great example of selflessness and devotion, hard work and kindness. he's loving and I'm seriously the luckiest to have convinced him that I was the one. ;) 

thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful monday! 

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