.layered up.

H&M denim jacket // Gilly Hicks sweater (old) (I linked a bunch down below that are similar) // VS Pink leggings, simliar here and here // Target tee // J.Crew Factory loafers

I saw Christine from Hello Fashion layer a grey cardigan under a denim jacket so I layered a grey cardigan under a denim jacket ;) .... anybody catch my reference? haha!

seriously though, I had never thought of putting these two items together in this way and I LOVE it! I love that the cardigan is long and is showing underneath the jacket. these leggings are yoga pants and I totally think they're great! I got them 50% off which is awesome ;) especially since I have wanted them since they came to the store a few months ago. sometimes being patient pays off ... the majority of the time I end up missing out because they sell out of my size before they go on sale. does this happen to anyone else?? ;)

okaaaaaayy .... can I just say it? (since you're all noticing it anyway) I NEED to just book my hair coloring appointment. HA! XD I'm seriously embarrassed it looks this bad ... yikes. some girls can pull off the roots look .. like Cara Loren and Amber Clark .. not me. (big thumbs down) I haven't scheduled the appointment because I keep telling myself to save my money because my husband and I have goals of buying a house and getting our cars paid off. sounds like normal life right? I have been really good at not buying -as much- I haven't completely stopped but I think I've been doing a pretty good job. yay for goals! and sticking to them! if only I could do that with working out ;)

so sorry for the tangent and all the chattiness today. :) if you know me in person, you know that hair is crucial and I'm beside myself right now.

thank you for reading! thank goodness it's friday ;) have a smashing weekend! 

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  1. Oh my word I love your leggings!! They are seriously the cutest. I am a sucker for anything leopard print! Haha

    Have a happy Monday!

    1. thanks so much Emily!! :) I LOVE leopard print too.


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