.handbag essentials.

rebecca minkoff mint small bag, other colors // grace adele small wallet (no longer available) // planner // kate spade phone case // nyx buttergloss 'creme brulee' 

rebecca minkoff grey tote bag, other colors // grace adele studded wallet (no longer available) // grace adele red makeup bag (no longer available) // small lotion // perfume vial / rollerball // hand sanitizer // ray ban sunglasses 

today I'm sharing with you my handbag essentials! :) and also a few bags on my wishlist ;) 
I have been a fan of Rebecca Minkoff for a while now and I just love her attention to details. My favorite detail on both of my bags is the zippered edges ... it adds just enough of a coolness factor to my typically casual or girly outfits. 

when I'm using a smaller bag, I carry the very basic needs (for me at least) : a small wallet, a small planner, my phone, and usually a lipgloss or lipstick 

when I carry a larger bag I really don't add too much else, just instead of 1 lipstick I decide to bring 1 entire makeup bag full (this is where you insert the monkey covering his eyes emoji) ;) my excuse is that I never know which one I'll want to wear at any given moment. I have plenty more lipsticks at home, so it's a constant rotation of which ones make it into the bag. I love carrying with me small sized things ... A. because they're cute and B. because they're important, so lotion, perfume and hand sanitizer make the cut (as well as my essential oils). Having a larger bag allows me to take a bigger wallet and sunglasses too. I still have plenty of room for a sweater, binders, snacks ;) and whatever else I think is necessary for conquering my day. 

thank you for reading! I hope you find inspiration for some goodness and what I carry as my 'handbag essentials' 

wallets I'm loving ... 

 smaller bags I'm loving ... 

 larger bags that I'm loving ... 

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

*this post was inspired by Rue La La ... all opinions are my own. 

Rue La La is an "online shopping destination for the most desired brands at Members-only prices" .. I have been a member on Rue La La for over 6 months and LOVE it! I have purchased with them before, they're super fast and bring really great brands into their sales. Being a member is free and it's definitely a fun site if you're into designer brands but also love a killer deal ;) take a look at their Handbag Guide to help you narrow down the types of bags you like along with learning some fun details and history about bags and their designers. 

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