.dreamy florals.

below are pictures with my grandparents and my brother while we visited them in canada :)

and here's one with the hubs ;) 

when I first saw this floral print ... let's just say it was a joyous occasion ;) I could NOT keep my eyes off of it, so I had to take it home with me :) :) and I'm so happy I did. it's a deep teal shade with pale pinks and purples and I haven't seen anything like it. I love florals and when I got it home I realized it paired perfectly with my favorite (of the moment) skirt! WOO! (who else loves when that happens??!!) 

and.. here are my brother and grandparents :) I just had to share these adorable pictures with you too! it's my grandma's birthday today so I only found it fitting that I'd share pictures with her in them :)

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have a fabulous friday! enjoy your weekend! 

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