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Saturday! yay! one of my best friends is getting sealed to her cute hubby and darling little girl today ;) so if you're interested, I'm sure I'll be posting pics to Instagram!!

let me just start with how much I love these leggings! they're SO comfy and slimming and I adore their texture and color (especially this marled pattern) they're great for working out or lounging .. in my case it's the latter ;) I paired them with an oversized top from VS Pink and I had never tried these tops before until recently. The oversized feel took a minute to get used to but honestly and like the pants .. so comfy! I love sweats just as much as the next girl but this outfit actually looks put together and is bright and fun :) I want to look good in my loungewear, anyone else??? ;)

thank you for stopping by for a surprise weekend post! 
(if you missed it, my VS Pink haul video is here)

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