.grand reopening.

.loving at VS Pink sept. 2014.

tee //  2 yoga crops // 3 crew  // 4 vest // 5 tumbler // 6 yoga leggings

I'm going to apologize first off for being so distant this week on my instagram and other social media. I have been super busy at work, putting in ten + hour days, and a bunch of my other co workers have been doing even more than that (can you say dedicated?!) we've been working so hard on getting our newly remodeled store open for business :) the wait is over, we open TODAY! so to share what I've been up to, I thought I'd share a few picks from the VS Pink new fall line and what we have in store as well as online. Enjoy! 

I can't promise that you won't see a few of these pretty things on the blog soon either ;) 

what are you loving? (I warned you, I'm obsessed with this plum/burgundy shade)

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

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