dream angels demi // I love this bra because of the natural lift and lace details, the memory fit technology allows it to form to your body, allowing for a custom fit.

body by victoria demi // I also love this bra because of the memory fit technology, it's extremely soft and comfy, perfect for day to day or lounging around

t shirt perfect shape (coverage) // this bra is basically brand new to VS and I'm in utter love with it! firstly, the marled look of the fabric is gorgeous and very reminiscent of a t shirt ;) and the level of padding in this is perfect for someone who wants a lift but coverage. like I said, I'm obsessed!

very sexy push up // this bra is a classic pushup bra, it is seamless under tee shirts, and has a very natural feeling pad inside, similar to natural breast tissue, it's very simple in appearance yet sexy and sophisticated

incredible push up // this bra was relaunched with adjustable straps and I love it! it's perfect for day to day or for nights out, or nights in :) I love the shape of the cups and the level of padding - great push up!

pink wear everywhere push up // can we talk about how gorgeous this color is ;) I love the burgundy shades this fall and the touch of leopard just takes the cake! I LOVE the level of padding in this style, it's seriously one of my very favorites and the price is on point .. 2 for $42.50 :)

vs sport knock out sports bra // I really enjoy the details in this sport bra, I love that there are built in cups (see below) so that you're fully supported yet the zipper closure keeps you covered. the marled fabric (again, I'm obsessed) is gorgeous and super fun for the gym!

these bras are a few of my very favorites that Victoria's Secret offers :) I wanted to cover the basics because bras seriously are the foundation for how we feel in our clothes, if you have the correct fit, you'll love the way you look in your clothing over them. you'll stand taller, feel more confident and prettier too ;) it'll be your fun secret that you have something beautiful on underneath 

thank you so much for reading! 

I'm very familiar with Victoria's Secret bras, I came up with this post on my own and am in no way being paid or sponsored to share these with you. 

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